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♡Aretha by Nikita Gill♡

Fall in love with a girl who spends her time lost in stories. Let her beguile you with versions you
never knew about history, about the world, the strangest things that can ever be told. Allow her
to bring you truths that you never thought would be spoken, the kind of depth and wisdom that
you thought the world had long since broken. See in her eyes the stories that once moved you as a child. 
Fall in love with a girl who has a softness and an intelligence to her. The kind of girl who is
always hidden away in libraries, hungry for knowledge, who grows excited over facts. 
Yes. Fall in love with a girl like that.
♡social media break review♡

I went on a social media break for 10 days and it was worth it. this was my second time of going on a social media break this year. I did a 30 day social media break somewhere in March, and I did a ten day break just last month. 
life has been overwhelming and shocking this year and taking this break helped me to focus on what I need in life and what i should be doing in life (life purpose and mission). my creativity has been on the low this year because of the many shocking things happening in my life (that explains why I haven't been blogging) but don't worry I will be back with a bang! hopefully before the year ends.
♡one move closer♡

every dance step tells a story.
♡frankest 2018♡

love knows how to find its way into your life. wishing you (@kesthyj) a joyful marriage journey with the love of your life.

Félicitations pour vous être dit "oui" !❤😘💋😍 #frankest2018
♡weekend ready♡

Children make you want to start life over. -Muhammad Ali.

happy friday everyone! I'm super super super glad it's friday!!!!! what are you doing this weekend? mine is mostly sleep and chores!
♡song written at dawn II♡

this is the second part of the poem, song written at dawn. 
everyone you meet being happy and strong might be the one going through a lot. let's be each other's keeper.  not everyone likes to show their soft and vulnerable sides. the fact that the person does not say it doesn't mean he/she doesn't cry at night.

we all need help. we all need a shoulder to cry on. we all cry, no matter how strong you are
♡good morning♡

every Ghanaian knows the music at the background.  just take this as the TV version of your morning news on peace fm.😂
♡polaroid in black & white♡

just unfollow fear and say "you are blocked." Yes.

my forehead took all the attention in this photo...hehehe. It's a high braid ponytail. 📷: @bra_nana1

the sound of the universe is without limit.

music uplift even if it tells a sad story.

what is music, let me ask.

it is written in the poem above.

written on 28/06/2013
♡chalewote 2018♡

a time to admire art, eat and take pictures. .

Art, freedom and creativity  will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk.

link in my bio to watch full video.

the principles of true art is not to portray but to evoke. -Jerzy Kosinki.

Sanda Amadou's works 🖌
♡the real me♡

this poem was written when I was in senior high school. sometimes when I read poems I wrote back then, I cringe...but some of the poems were good.

I'm grateful for my evolution in writing has changed over the years and getting better too.