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Hidden in Hayward- a short film by Mr. @aadfisherman shows the true adventure of ice fishing. @nattieupnorth and @regan_schmidt  had no problem catching a few.
Thanks @andrew_osowski_11 for putting us on some slab crappies. These ones will go good with some oil.
Crappies and pout are the motion until trout season opens. It’s been a heck of a time up here in the BLA
Burbot are on with @hays._baldwin. Brought a couple through the hole tonight, with this one being my first one ever!
Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.
Fiji Friday and my first coconut climb! It is not as easy as the locals make it look.
The ice thaw is coming soon my friends! Looking forward to the days filled with salmon and runny noses.
Missing the days when the lakes weren’t frozen over! Apostle islands part two this weekend
Little dude was feelin’ aggressive
Home of giant Lakers and plenty of Whitefish. This view made the morning of popped tires and faulty equipment not seem so bad.
it’s Fiji Friday! Here’s the first short snippet of us putting a hurting on some dogtooth tuna. Edits done by @aadfisherman
Swipe left to see us lose 5’