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Life with a rod and reel. My latest YouTube video:

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Lots of time on the water and behind a camera for @aadfisherman. We're getting closer to the final version of the 10,001 casts project. @nattieupnorth @thornebros @shimanofish
Had another visitor last night! This one ate a topwater.
Just a little spotted guy on the globe last night.  Topwater fish are fun even if they're small #muskyfishing #wirthbaits
Figure 8s give me anxiety. At least I have faith my gear will hold up when the big one decides to take a chomp. #biggirlsonly #burningbucktails #tranxfast #muskyfishing
Pretty much just get the net. Long hard days on body and boat this weekend, has me more excited for what's to come. #getthenet #muskie #thornebros
Hook sets are free, but there was no guessing with this boat side beauty. What's on the side of this fish's face? Picture and net credit to the one and only @nattieupnorth!
All smiles with this little 41" visitor that came by last night! Off to Green Bay today to fish with @dougwegner_fishing
No muskies, but managed to get this dude on a streamer! #tightlines #leterbuck #coolguyzone
Bingo, first trip out and new boat gets broken in. @nattieupnorth has some netting skills.
Nice way to start the day! Boat is in the shop so took out the canoe. This one bit a booyah poppin' frog.
The face you make when your boat partner says we're out of clif bars
Spent my night with two good looking girls, @nattieupnorth managed to make this one hit on the outside of the figure 8!