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Happy Monday! So I’ve had such a lovely weekend getting my nails done with my Mum before we went shopping and I picked up some Christmas presents🙈 I then spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing and it was so lovely apart from I’m full of cold😩 but loving my nails!💅🏻💗
Happy Thursday! So it’s been a busy week catching up after having last week off☺️ but it’s been a lovely week and it’s family games night tonight 🎲 so let’s see who wins!💗
This week has been such a lovely week away forgetting about everything!🙌🏻 we went to our caravan for the week and it’s been lovely to have some family time and just do what I want to do and worry about nothing😌 feeling so happy and content! Apart from forgetting half of my makeup🤦🏻‍♀️💗
Happy Monday! So I’ve got a week off work and we’re actually at the caravan for a week☺️ I’m looking forward to just relaxing and reading forgetting about everything else!💗
Today was so lovely! We got the train into town before going to the cinema and saw Antman it was so good!☺️ we then went for dinner before heading home💗
Happy Thursday! New laptop and new case which I love🙈 since I got my new laptop I’ve been so much more productive which is good! It’s been such a lovely week this week so far!🙌🏻💗
Happy Monday! Such a lovely day in York today with my Mum, Dad and Aid! We spent the day looking round a museum before having lunch and a walk round! Such a lovely weekend and Monday off work so content😌💗
Such a lovely Saturday! I got my MacBook this morning, shopping with my Mum and little brother which I got some new books and we stopped off near the train station ready for Monday and got some ice cream which I decided on Snickers and mint chocolate such a lovely day😌💗
Loving my makeup today 💄 I got quite a few goodies from Younique recently and I am obsessed!😍✨
Happy Thursday! So it’s nearly the end of the week, it’s a new month and I’m thinking of treating myself to a new laptop🤔 let’s see if I end up getting it but I know it’ll be a good investment for me💗
Happy Friday! New phone day today and I decided on the 8 plus in gold and I love it😍 finally it’s all set up and I’m obsessed!💗
This week I’ve finally felt like myself and this hasn’t been the case for months😔 I finally feel happy in myself and I’m doing things to make me happy🙈💗