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A cutting-edge school where self-directed education and democratic accountability allow for truly innovative learning and growth.

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New perspectives with new challenges. School outside the classroom confines, outside the traditional “box,” lets us look inside, where the deep learning happens.
Walking to the park near school this morning for a Nature+Sports Excursion that students proposed to have on a regular basis. And Slackline instructor Hugo will join us too!
Because summer birthdays shouldn’t be left out, Celebration Corp decided to celebrate Half Birthdays for summer-born folks who want it and these two July birthdays wanted to celebrate together! Happy half birthday!
Classic gaming afternoon. So much is learned in game dynamics and negotiations.
Meet B3! Nature Corp (formerly known as Animal Corp) planned, proposed, and purchased this Beautiful Blue Betta (B3)! Nicknames already include “B Trois” and “B to the third.” Stay tunes for continued aquatic adventures!
Happy birthday to Erika! Celebration Corporation outdid itself with homemade chocolate cheesecake party on Friday and today is her actual birthday! 🎉
Mixed-age multi-tasking
Getting reading to leap into 2019 with the energy and enthusiasm that comes from true self-discovery within a supportive community. Come to the other, exciting, side of education with us and experience the freedom and the joy! Happy New Year from Miami’s newest innovation - The Miami Sudbury School!
Celebration corporation bringing out the cookies! Happy end of the semester - our very first!
And finally today, after two bus rides back, it’s nice to have mixed ages for support when some of us get sleepy...
Slackline, acroyoga, and playing in the mangroves at Kennedy Park today with @juiceacro, who patiently helps us all feel we can balance and fly!
We got a special tour of the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery by Bernice herself and artist Carrie Sieh!