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A cutting-edge school where self-directed education and democratic accountability allow for truly innovative learning and growth.

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Hmm... sounds like a plug for Sudbury Schools here. Thanks, Hobbes :)
We just uploaded our very first YouTube video to our channel!🎉 (Link in bio) Thank you to our students on the Promo Committee that worked hard to edit and direct this introduction to School Meeting and JC (Judicial Committee) at our school. And thank you to our Voting Members who volunteered to be interviewed. We can’t wait to share more content with you all! Check out the curated playlists on our channel to learn more about Sudbury Education. Let us know what else you would like to see from us, and please support our school by subscribing to The Miami Sudbury School’s YouTube channel! #democraticschool #sudburyschool #selfdirectedlearning
Take our SUPER SHORT survey right now please por favor s’il vous plait souple per favore takk bitte SUPER SHORT and REALLY helpful
✨More pictures from our night “Under the Stars” at the #MiamiSudburyGala!✨Check out our Gala page on our website to see more pictures from the evening and to sign up to be on our 2020 Gala Committee for next year. Spots are filling up quickly!
Our Voting Members wanted a ceremony recognizing their efforts this year, so we organized our own Miami Sudbury Awards Ceremony honoring our community’s self-directed efforts this year. Every award presented by each Voting Member to and for themselves. #selfdirectedlearning #democraticschool #miamisudburyschool
The last day of the first year of The Miami Sudbury School. A day of hard work, laughs, and bittersweet “see you later’s.” (And a JC complaint form confetti explosion of course) What an amazingly exciting rollercoaster of a wonderful year. There is so much more to say, but we’ll keep it short. See you next year ❤️
We had candidate Q&A and school elections this week! We’ll be kicking off the new school year with some awesome and passionate elected officials. #democracyatwork #democraticschool #selfdirectedlearning
One final Gala Sponsor Spotlight to give a special, gigantic thank you to @fairchildgarden for lending their space and services so graciously and donating fantastic items to our auction and raffle. We could not have pulled this off without their generosity! And another thank you to @patrick.lyden.10 of Rock and Rose Growers for lending beautiful areca plants to somehow make the space even more lovely than it already was. All of our supporters and sponsors made this event so very special and are featured on our “Support Our Supporters” page on our website. Thank you all!
#MiamiSudburyGala #MiamiSudburySchool
Thank you so much to everyone who made it to the Miami Sudbury Gala last night and to our donors, supporters, volunteers, students and staff who worked tirelessly to make it all happen! We couldn’t have done it without all the support our community has given us. All of your contributions go a long way to supporting our mission to make Sudbury education as accessible as we can make it to more families in Miami. Thank you again. What an unbelievable way to end our first year!!! Can’t wait to see you all again next year! 🎉❤️✨ #MiamiSudburyGala #MiamiSudburySchool
✨It is finally time for our very first Annual #MiamiSudburyGala!✨ An elegant celebration of our first school year and the 50th year of Sudbury schools worldwide. We will honor our supporters, demonstrate what your support made possible, and look to the future together in a fabulous evening of music, food, and drink sponsored by our students themselves. Follow the sign shown to Staff Entrance parking, or check our gala page on our website for the pinned location. Carpooling is encouraged as there is limited space in the lot. We can’t wait to see you all tonight! 🎉🎉🎉
✨Only 1 day until the #MiamiSudburyGala!✨Can you believe it??😱Today our Gala Sponsor Spotlight is on @kiddosmagazine, that generously donated four tickets to Crayola Experience, @visitcrayolaorl, in Orlando, Crayola’s premier, one of a kind family attraction ! You can still RSVP at
Second to last School Meeting of the year, accompanied by some healthy discussion and debate on what we can improve on for our second year. Growth and change may not always be easy, but when it is necessary, we face it head on. 
#selfdirectedlearning #democraticschool