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A cutting-edge school where self-directed education and democratic accountability allow for truly innovative learning and growth.

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Our Library Corporation gleefully sorting through boxes of donated books today. Are they asking what “grade” or “AR“ level the books are? Looks like they are sorting by genre and genuine interest.
“Join us!” I heard, coming around a corner. “We are The Miami Sudbury School!” I added my hand - and my heart. ❤️
Miami Sudbury School Staff and Co-Founder Melissa Kelly spent two wonderful days this past week at Arts & Ideas Sudbury School in Baltimore! Thank you A&I for your warm welcome and a great visit!
A productive and constructive Friday.
Our newly formed Celebration Corporation kicked off their activity with a surprise birthday party for Melissa! Entirely student planned and run - best kind of party!
Friday photo: JC - Peer justice is powerful and effective. There’s an important difference between “feeling heard” and really being heard in school.
Follow @ffa_miamisudburyschool for great community events that support The Miami Sudbury School! Organized by some of our many incredible families. Community matters. Join the fun!
Meaningful work + meaningful play. Everyone in these photos CHOSE both their work and their play. That matters to kids just like it matters to adults. Meaningful choices matter.
Matching shirts and matching energy today. These dynamic boys have learned to tolerate JC then balance it with good ole fun.
And then suddenly there’s a conga line followed by a free-style dance party... life is good.
Typing up School Meeting minutes. Yes, even 5 year olds are part of the official running of this school. Meaningful work matters at every age.
Come by and see us tomorrow (Saturday) from 3-5pm! Learn more about the unique and profound Sudbury model on our website then come see the space where we put it all into practice!