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@hopperjuan_fly_fishing here with one last post while at the controls of the MFC Instagram this weekend. If you’re looking for an attractor or a caddis pupa, make sure to take a look at the Kryptonite Caddis.  You will be glad you did.  #fishobsessed #kryptonitecaddis #hopperjuanflyfishing
The air is colder, the colors are changing. The locals put on their best colors.  This is what we have been waiting for; fall fishing.  @hopperjuan_fly_fishing at the MFC controls, @jimbdl with the 📸 #fishobsessed #fallfishing
Hello beautiful! 😍  Hopper Juan’s Slim Shady for the win. @hopperjuan_fly_fishing with the MFC weekend takeover. #fishobsessed #slimshadyfivepointoh
It’s Saturday!  Hopper Juan @hopperjuan_fly_fishing  here doing a complete Instagram takeover for MFC this weekend. As you head out to your favorite water today, stop by your favorite shop and grab a small bucketload of these bad boys.  Add a dropper and go have some fun.  Tis’ the season. with the lovely illustration.  #fishobsessed #hopperjuanflyfishing #tistheseason #hopperlover
Good morning MFC followers!  This is Hopper Juan @hopperjuan_fly_fishing here doing an Instagram takeover for MFC this weekend. Let’s get the weekend started off right and head for the hills!  Who’s with me? #fishobsessed #mfcflydesigner @pixiek8 with the 📸
Remember that one time when the coupler on the trailer pulling the new drift boat s#!% the bed and we used an MFC River Steel forceps and a cam strap to hold it ktogether for the next 116 miles of mountain roads? 🏆Nice one #mcguyver AKA @mainstream_outdoors. #deschutes  Anyone else got a cool gear hack story? Share it and we’ll send one of you a pair of forceps like the ones seen here. But new.
In case you need more convincing to #startemyoung... @mr_hinman introducing his boy Jay to the joys of native bullies north of the border. #legalbulltrout
Never easy. Always #worthit. Thanks #mfcflydesigner @all_waters_angling for the reminder that the challenge of the swing is the thing. #fishobsessed #speycasting #ontheswing #summersteelhead
Our man Stirling cheesin on a Canadian #legalbully that couldn’t resist one of @walttheotter’s soft milking egg patterns. #bulltrout #flytying #flyfishing #fishobsessed #mfcflydesigner
Nice paddle! This fish was downright photogenic during a new fly pattern R&D sesh by #mfcflydesigner @yama_88 #nachoseries #flytying #fishobsessed
Question for the #flytying community: what are your go-to legs? Thanks @flysnties for the idea and photo!
Spruce moths, hoppers and sculpin are on the menu on the Madison. This is one of many found by @dbragg1109 and his guest this weekend. @galloupsslideinn