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#mrpfunfact From 5 years old until I went to collage, I lived just down the street from JollyTime 🍿
#mrpfunfact this is a Jerry's Pizza. If you ever are in Sioux City. Pick up a Jerrys 🍕
#mrpfunfact this monument dedicated to Chef War Eagle was the inspiration for my 4th grade Sioux City History Project.
#mrpfunfact this was the car washed my first car at. #idrovealincoln
#mrpfunfact I learned my presidents because every street in Leeds is named one.
I may not be at school today but I will be repping my KMS Saints Spirit today in the Hawkeye State #personaldayoff #earlythanksgiving
The Cast. #kmsapush #2ndgreatawakening
Dr. Phil interviews the 2nd Great Awakening Reformers. #kmsapush
Best I could do since you couldn't take photos in the Federal Reserve Bank #kmscivics Such a cool place.
The classic pizza at @pizza_luce #kmscivics
Passed the "bar exam" in the MN Supreme Court. Sorta. #kmscivics
Minnesota to outsiders was considered the "American Siberia" #kmscivics Wanted to build a Capitol building for people to admire!