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I have always wondered what happened to poor old humpty. #pappadackissummerbreak18
Super pumped for my new shoes. It’s been long overdue for some new running “kicks”. #pappadackissummerbreak18
My other avocado 🥑 needed a friend to grow with. #pappadackissummerbreak18
I preached all year that taking APUSH was a marathon not a sprint. My marathon this week has been taking part in grading one SAQ question. It’s a marathon not a sprint Mr. P. Take your time and score accurately.
First “official” day of dinner break for me. Time to start a book I have been waiting two months to begin. #pappadackissummerbreak18 #wingfeathersaga
Score #nationaldonutday🍩 #pappadackissummerbreak18
When looking through old pictures and you come across this picture. #5thgradeschoolpicture #harrypotterbeforetherewasharrypotter
Happy Friday #maythe4thbewithyou
One of my favorite lessons to share with students in #kmscivics is our #presidentialcivicscerealboxes
This is the face of a toddler who was up all night not feeling good. Sparing you all the details. 💩💩☹️🤦‍♂️
My best finish. Although my stats aren’t the greatest. #fortnite
T-Minus 1 hour 30 minutes until Grand March starts for #kmsprom2018 Couples are here. Pictures are snapping. #flymetothemoonprom