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Happy #throwbackthursday to the @KMSaints There is no amount of filters that can help this one. The camera flash makes my #bowlcut look giant. But hey I made the honor roll. #kmshomecoming18
Trying to set my #KMSapush and #KMShumangeo9 students up for a successful first test of the year. Thanks to @younglivingeo #yougotthis
Hey #KMSapush class I posted a new flipgrid thread. Check it out. #kmslearns
So we have had 4 days of school and the history hound has yet to be found. He’s peaking out from somewhere in my room. Let’s find him this week!
Still deciding on an open casket or closed. It’s too hard to choose. We poured our heart and soul in to the care for that little seed. It brought joy to our household so see the seed crack and sprout and grow that nasty white thing out of the bottom. Viewing will take place tomorrow in my classroom if you want to say something to or about what you remember about it. Then it will lay instate in my compost bin. Where there is a nice view of the garden.
The squirrel seemed to not travel far before he/she choose to devour the poor helpless 🥑
😢😭😭😭😭😭😥🤭🥑 Gone. I believe the notoriously nosy squirrel that lives next door saw the top of the seed and took it. #wow #squirrelstolemyavocado
The first picture is from April 26, 2018. The second is from September 8, 2018. The little avocado 🥑 pit has sprouted. Time to move to a cozier home. #happygrowing #growavocadogrow
I wanted to give a shoutout to Morgan for passing her #APUSH exam last May. It was fun to celebrate her accomplishment today. #apushfamily
Yesterday in #KMSapush students were practicing the skill of recreating the death of #silasdeane They had to figure out how he died and justify their reasoning using the clues left behind.
It’s 8:15 and the hallway is clear. #backtoschool
We had a dragon 🐉 protecting our house last night. He’s pretty fly.