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Alright y'all, I'm exhausted but my brain will not shut off. Today was a 13 hour day for me....did some station rotation co-teaching today, then my girls won their first soccer game 8-1!!! And of course it's Wednesday, so I had worship practice right after. I'm tired 😴 and naturally tomorrow is parent night, and I have a funeral Friday. It's a whirlwind of a week and I'm so hoping for rest this weekend! 
You know me with layering skirts over those too short/tight dresses. I found this adorable pleated skirt in my closet, added a pop of red and called it a day ❤️
Never have I had such a wonderful day where so many of my students "got me" and what I was doing with my outfit 🍉 as one student put it "Miss, you like like a watermelon straight out of the 90's". My fashion soul was so happy today, even though some of my students didn't believe that I woke up with my hair to this lions mane 😂 hope y'all had a good Tuesday! Tomorrow is my girls first soccer game, is gonna be a long one!
Lemon print is a dream come true 🍋 so obsessed with this dress I scored at H&M for $10! Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere online but linked a few favorites I've been crushing on.  Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app or by using this link --> #liketkit #summerstyle
Happy Sunday! Been having a tough time this weekend feeling off (back to school germs?) and ended up leaving church early today. Hopefully this passes soon because feeling sick is no fun!

Loving that I can somewhat start transitioning to fall over here, although the weather isn't quite cooperating yet, it is the desert after all! 🌵I'm seriously in love with @jordwatches they're so unique and the quality is amazing. Mine is custom sized so it fits perfect! Check out the blog for more + a chance to win a $100 gift code! (or copy and paste this link Plus everyone who enters gets a $25 credit as well!
Energy equals milk times caffeine squared ☕️ Shoutout to the science center for this legit shirt! Happy Friday y'all, I'm totally exhausted and am so thankful for the weekend. 💜

I'm an iced coffee girl at heart, and so happy my Hydroflask keeps it cold 🌵☀️ plus this adorable color was on clearance and perfect for a morning coffee!
Trying hard to stay on top of my social media but this week has been real. We made it halfway so far and it's been a blast but planning an piloting a new program is a lot of work. I've been having a ton of fun with it but with soccer starting I just feel so tired. Sorry for my lack of activity lately! Love this deep purple with the lace shoulder accents 💜
I told y'all, back at it with the leopard today!! Obsessed with this circle skirt, twirling is so much fun. I don't know about you but body-cons are so not my jam anymore (as I grow closer to 30...) so I love layering skirts over them to make them work appropriate. What's your favorite style tip? 🐆
These 🐆 crops are my fave, perfect elastic waist in the back to keep comfy all day. Plus, these Christian Siriano flats are amazing, but unfortunately no longer listed online. I linked a similar pair along with my pants! Shop the look 👉🏼 
Or with the app! 
Ps stayed tuned for leopard pt 2 tomorrow!
Okay y'all, I'm totally exhausted! Been MIA the last couple days because holy beginning of the school year! Add onto that the 4 indoor soccer games I played in yesterday morning + Incubus and Jimmy Eat World last night. My body is craving sleep! 
Throwing it back to an outfit I missed this week & I cannot wait to tell you more about this gorgeous watch! Click the link in my bio for a chance to be the lucky winner of a $100 gift code, plus everyone that enters gets a $25 code!
Happy Thursday!! Back to work is always crazy but I love that I actually can dress up every day again, lol! I've had this chunky necklace forever and never wear it, it's so cute! I actually ended up letting a student borrow my denim today so she wouldn't get dress coded, so here are both of my looks before I ended up only in the dress! ❤️ Ps dress is from @junkytrunk & you can use jtbalexy50 for 50% off your whole first order!
Day 1
Year 6 
Rocking my RTS (Rhodes to Success) shirt and "power stance" 💪🏼 lol! 
I don't know about ya'll, but I'm TIRED! First day back is always a little crazy, and add in a pilot program with no bell schedule, what?! It's going to be a very different, but awesome year focused on creating a culture for learning. I'm thinking about adding this to the blog because it's a huge part of my life, but would that be content anyone would like to read about? Let me know! 💕
So normally I would be bummed that today was the last day of "casual wear" but our principal is super cool and approved "college Wednesdays" aka --> I need to get every college shirt I can find! 
Lol, but today I focused on the comfort and these Pumas are the best. Instagram isn't always real, but today's outfit truly was! Some days I don't totally match, I wear a touristy shirt, and throw on some sneakers, and I don't even care, lol living that #teacherlife because tomorrow is our FIRST DAY BACK! 
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