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Before and after.
Hi, I’m Charlie.

Charles Brady Steele
Born: 11/08/2018 4:53 PM
Weight: 8lbs 2oz
Length: 21”

Both mother and baby are perfect #dadgram #steelesinkc #👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👦
King Wavy he's real cool
Costumes. Custard. Cuteness.
The chosen one.
Today is @alexsteelephoto’s 28th birthday. She’s given me the 2 most beautiful daughters, 8 years of boundless love, and a trillion other things. There’s no gift I could give her that she hasn’t already given me tenfold. Happy birthday, gorgeous.
4 years of the cutest chaos I can’t get enough of. Happy 4th birthday Eleanor!!!! Inside that blonde curly head of yours is the funniest, brightest ball of creativity that brings the biggest smile to my face.
Oh, boy! Eleanor and Lucy are already obsessed with their little brother. Can’t wait until November when we get to meet him #dadgram #steelesinkc #👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👦
7 years ago today I convinced this blue-eyed bride to join me on a wild adventure. She’s not only been by my side every step of the way but is usually leading the charge. She still laughs at my jokes (how could she not, right?), she has given me 2 beautiful daughters, and every single day I fall in love with her all over again.
It’s no wonder why Eleanor and Lucy are obsessed with their mom. I can’t put into words how much love, devotion, and sacrifice @alexsteelephoto has poured into motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to my dreamgirl!
Making room for one more! November 4th baby numero 3 will be joining the gang. Alex is glowing, Eleanor is sure it’s a brother, Lucy is demanding a sister, and I’m just in awe of Alex’s love and sacrifice for our family. #dadgram #SteelesinKC
I don’t always go look at art, but when I do it’s art made out of a classic childhood toy. #theartofthebrick #steelesinkc #🆒