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NCSF Singapore wishes all a very prosperous lunar new year! We’re back with some tips to get around your celebratory feasting.

The Diet Hack Series: #3 Chinese New Year Edition

1.  Diet Food - Mandarin Oranges
Rich in vitamin C, mandarin oranges are great for boosting your immunity, and improving the glow and tone of your skin! It’s high fibre content keeps you full and helps with weight loss. These sweet and juicy delights are great alternatives to candies and desserts!

2. Cheat Food - Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky)
This gratifyingly sweet and savoury snack trumps all other CNY snacks with its high protein content.  We hear that there’s a turkey version in the market that’s lower in fat and just as yummy!

3. Post Workout Food - Yu Sheng (Raw Fish Salad)
Yu Sheng (also known as Lo Hei) is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Opt for the low sugar plum sauce, hold back on the oil and you have yourself the perfect post workout snack that is high in lean protein and clean carbs.
Our fun and engaging participants during last week’s CPT course 💪🏼
Presenting the funniest personal trainer in Singapore, JB, and some say Batam!

We had the pleasure of having Gurmit at our recent certified personal trainer course. A gym veteran himself, Gurmit felt the course gave him a new perspective on personal training: “I now respect the work that is done. It’s beyond just lifting weights and hoping that the muscles grow”

We’re so proud to hear that and will definitely continue striving to raise awareness for the profession, course by course!
Happy midweek everyone, we’re back with our diet hack series! This week we’re going international with cuisine from the land of smiles.

The Diet Hack Series: #2 Thai food

1. Diet food - Som Tum (Thai Green Papaya Salad)
Oil-free and carb-free yet really really tasty - this dish is a god-sent for all those watching their waistlines! Try requesting for the seafood option to meet your daily protein requirements.

2. The cheat day - Stir Fried Crab Curry
Rock your cheat day by giving your body a boost in anti-oxidants! Crabs are rich in selenium - and if you haven’t heard the goodness of selenium, it’s about time you do. Selenium is a powerful anti-oxidant which can boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and support a healthy thyroid gland.

3. Post workout food - Tom Yum Seafood Noodles
Seafood is low in fat and is an excellent source of clean protein! Coupled with rice vermicelli noodles, this dish is great for post-workout refueling.
How about starting your new year right by learning a new skill? Here’s our first course of the year presenting their side chest pose!
Master Trainer Khit speaking to @justinemoss & Hui Wong on @938now last friday about fitness resolutions for 2019! Have you made your resolutions yet? #938now #ncsf_certified #gymmotivation #fitnessmotivation
Had an amazing weekend with our first course of the year! Here’s a little peek at some of the many gym techniques our students learn at the Certified Personal Trainer Course 👀

The NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Course offers a very comprehensive introduction to nutrition and exercise techniques in the gym - to find out more, do visit us at
“I’m originally from Nepal, I’ve been 19 years working here. After retirement from my job I cannot stay in Singapore, my whole family including my kids have to go back. That’s the reason I am trying to get a skills certificate, so that I can do something with the rest of my life.”
We salute Sandesh for his courage to embrace change and for stepping up to become an ambassador of fitness back in his country. The new year brings new beginnings, why not let 2019 be the year you reinvent yourself with a new skill!

Find out more about our fitness courses at
The Supine Face Pull

Our chief instructor, Khit, demonstrates a lesser seen variation of the face pull. The supine face pull offers an edge over the conventional face pull as it mimics the position of the bench press, helping you better keep your shoulders retracted during the exercise. This exercise is excellent for individuals with poor posture and rounded shoulders.

Join us at our monthly courses to learn more about the science behind exercises in the gym!
NCSF Singapore wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and very happy holidays! 
Make smart food choices at your Christmas feasts. Our personal favourite is the classic Christmas Turkey - get the breast cut and you have yourself a guilt-free low fat, high protein meal. When in doubt, go protein always!
We ended the last course of the year with a Bang! 🎉
Forget boring meal preps and fancy juice fasts. A sustainable diet is the best diet you could choose for yourself. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you our chief instructor’s very own tips and tricks to dieting. Stay tuned!

The Diet Hack Series: #1 Singapore Hawker Food

1. Diet food - Sliced fish soup.
With each bowl packing only 140 calories, this is an excellent choice for a diet meal. Just make sure you opt for the carb-free option!

2. The cheat day - Oyster egg (蚝蛋not蚝煎)
The best cheat meal is a nutritious one. Did you know that oysters are rich in zinc which supports muscle strength? Choose the starch free version and you’ve yourself a cheat meal that packs a punch!

3. Post workout food - Chicken rice.
Chicken breast is a great source of clean protein and white rice provides your body the carbohydrates it needs for muscle recovery.
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