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Ran out of captions...for now.
Glad to have taught this fun bunch over the last 2 days!
Our awesome CPT graduates
Huge turnout on our last NCSF CPT course!
Feeling the pump after going through our CPT course!
Have you tried one of the most painful exercises for your hamstrings before? Come learn the modified glute ham raise and many more exercises at our Certified Personal Trainer course!
The April batch of lively CPT participants! Have you signed up for the next CPT course yet? ⬇
March batch of wonderful students
Side tricep pose down during our last CPT course.
We regularly see our participants embark on a career in the fitness industry. For those who remain on the fence about joining the fitness industry, this goes out to you!

Bryan, our recent graduate, currently works as a personal trainer with Gold’s Gym. When asked what he loves most about his job, here is what he has to say: “I take pride in guiding my clients to be confident in their body. It brings me great joy when my clients undergo a visible change in their lifestyle and grow to become a happier version of themselves”

How’s that for inspirational? Come join us in sparking joy in people’s lives!
Yet another graduating batch of NCSF participants!
NCSF Singapore wishes all a very prosperous lunar new year! We’re back with some tips to get around your celebratory feasting.

The Diet Hack Series: #3 Chinese New Year Edition

1.  Diet Food - Mandarin Oranges
Rich in vitamin C, mandarin oranges are great for boosting your immunity, and improving the glow and tone of your skin! It’s high fibre content keeps you full and helps with weight loss. These sweet and juicy delights are great alternatives to candies and desserts!

2. Cheat Food - Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky)
This gratifyingly sweet and savoury snack trumps all other CNY snacks with its high protein content.  We hear that there’s a turkey version in the market that’s lower in fat and just as yummy!

3. Post Workout Food - Yu Sheng (Raw Fish Salad)
Yu Sheng (also known as Lo Hei) is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Opt for the low sugar plum sauce, hold back on the oil and you have yourself the perfect post workout snack that is high in lean protein and clean carbs.