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Roll out with the Goron Champion Daruk, and heat things up with his Legend of #Zelda: Breath of the Wild series #amiibo figure! 🔥
Kit and Krysta challenge themselves to finish cases in ASTRAL CHAIN, but there’s a catch: they only have 30 minutes! Watch this week’s episode of Nintendo Minute for all new ASTRAL CHAIN game play, and check out the full game when it launches on 8/30!
It’s #NationalRelaxationDay, and what’s more relaxing than a cute #CaptainToad wind chime? Play your favorite game & unwind with #NintendoSwitch today!🎐
Check out these fun #BackToSchool #DIY #crafts from @missgandakris! Skip the apple and give your teacher a Fire Flower, store all your pens and pencils in a Warp Pipe, or create some fun #Nintendo themed corner bookmarks!
On the go or at home, take a moment this summer to chill with the #NintendoSwitch system! ☀️
@missgandakris joins Kit & Krysta on this week’s #NintendoMinute episode to make some super cool Nintendo-themed back to school DIYs!
Does Meowser shoot fireballs or hairballs? 🤔 #SuperMarioMaker2 #InternationalCatDay
Put some wind in your sails with the Revali #amiibo figure from The Legend of #Zelda: Breath of the Wild! ❄
On this week’s episode of #NintendoMinute, Kit & Krysta guess Nintendo items blindfolded! How many of these do you think you can guess?
On this day in 1989 the original #GameBoy system released in North America, placing exciting Nintendo games right into the palm of your hand! Here’s to 30 years of playing with PORTABLE POWER!
We test your Nintendo knowledge with the return of Know Yo’ Nintendo on this week’s episode of Nintendo Minute!
The Officers Academy welcomes you! #FireEmblem: Three Houses is out now on #NintendoSwitch.