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If you would have asked me how I felt about being out on the water earlier this summer,

I would have told you this…

Do you know the saying, β€˜that you shouldn’t say anything if you cannot guarantee it’ (more or less) – kind of like, unwittingly challenging God, by saying something which falls right in place according to God’s plan but may go against your own intentions and desires.

So… I actually made that very mistake,

I said to myself that I would never set foot on a ship in my life even if it were a life-or-death situation.

Well, what do you know!

A few weeks into summer, I apply for a job to work out of an office on a website, and before you know it!
I’m on an Icebreaker sailing down the Saint Lawrence River from Prescott to Toronto. is going through changes, along with a ton of new content coming soon!!! Audible, Written, and Visual content on a regular basis (most likely bi-weekly)

A show which tackles the questions on our minds, about our life and the world around us. Discussing with youth, elders, and the experts.

In progress and currently being built, a platform for youth to publicly address their concerns to their elected representatives and to offer them practical ideas and solutions globally.

A weekly reflection on the news around the world, the good, the bad and the niche and forgotten.

Personal content as well as public content. Covering various issues, highlighting and bringing forward the voices which need to be heard.

A portfolio, a homepage, a hub for collaboration and creativity to flourish.

Coming soon.
NI-COP just came in today!! Have to say that I'm impressed by the NADRA system... Not the PHOTO though πŸ˜…
The Dream Team [Generation Y Not] Conference

Photo Creds: @anjaliramburnphotography
The @carletonmsa Council - 2016/2017
Remember me in your times of joy & I will remember you in your times of sorrow.
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