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Kyrie is fired up. 🔥 (🎥: B/R)
Ovi just chopped down a tree (Chara). This guy can do everything.
🚨Episode 3 has been released! 🚨
-CFB Championship -NFL Wild-card round recap
-Can the Eagles best the Saints?
-Predictions for the 2nd round in the NFL.
-“Kill yourself”-Derrick Rose
-Will the Nets Make the playoffs?
-A review of the Bell Centre
-NHL standings update.
-MLB signings
-Would you still be a fan of the team you follow if they moved cross country? 
The 2019 CFB Champion will be...
Our weekly NHL power rankings are up on our site, courtesy of @chris_yackel. See where your team ranks.
Kawhi hearing it in his return San Antonio. (Via B/R)
Brady>Gronk. (Via The Checkdown)
Get that out! (Via @nba)
Will the Nick Foles led Eagles be able to defeat the Chicago Bears? #nflplayoffs
Notre Dame Stadium. The 2019 NHL Winter Classic. Hawks Vs. Bruins. 1:00 PM EST!
Episode 2 of the Nosebleed Sports Talk podcast has dropped! Check it out, link in bio. #NosebleedSports