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Happy #worldafroday from nylah. World afro day actually falls on my daughter's 8th birthday so it's double celebrations for the Nylah family.  We hope you are having a great day. .
21ST October 2018
1-6 pm
Hallmark Hotel 
Hagley Road
B16 9RY

At Nylah, we believe that our beautiful hair, forms a rich part of our wonderul heritage. Our gorgeous textures reveals to those around us, our culture, our story and our creativity . It speaks of the men and women that came before us. It shares with the world our ancestry and is our natural beauty shining through.

Our hair is a complexed structure of cells, it has diffrent layers, it responds to diffrent factors and it has a unique set of requirments. 
It is through understanding the science of black hair, that we can make informed hair care choices and adopt the right practices to enhance our hair in the very best way.

So, on the 21st October in celebration of black history month, Nylah will be hosting UNTANGLED our first Afro Hair, Education seminar!

This day aims to help you to understand and your hair, so you know how it behaves and what makes it special; but most importantly, so that hat you can adopt a healthy and effective hair care regiment to enable your hair to reach its full potential.

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World Afro Day is coming on the 15th of September, and so is the incredible Benny Harlem.  #worldafroday is a global day of change, education and celebration of afro hair, culture and identity; a objective that we feel so passionate about. At nylah one of our goals is to champion diversity in beauty and proudly celebrate afro hair textures, this is why I’m proud to announce that we are working with World Afro Day as an official community partner and will be facilitating WAD lessons in Birmingham schools on the 14th September.  #worldafroday #WADAwards #afroexcellence #event #London #repost #bennyharlem #uknaturals #naturalhairmovement #ukcurlies #naturalhairdaily_ #blackgirlmagic✨ #award #blackbritishbloggers #mellowyellow #afrohairstyle #texturetuesday
one of the beautiful things about art is how subjective it is and its ability to represent different things to different people. ⠀⠀
as i’m still in carnival mode this image reminds me of carnival in so many ways.  It speaks to the vibrancy of our dynamic culture but most of all I feel that it also represents the motivation behind Nottinghill Carnival. ⠀⠀ Notting-hill carnival was founded by two remarkable women of colour, Claudia Jones and Rhaune Laslett; both of whom were inspired by the terrible racial tension of the 1950s and aimed to use carnival as a way to showcase the zeal, vibrancy and sparkle of a misunderstood and misrepresented culture. ⠀⠀ #nottinghillcarnival  #thoughtfulness #loveeachday #blackherritage #ilovenaturalhair #blackhaircare #blackhairgrows #blackgirlmajic #africanheritage #nylah #blackexcellecne #liveeachday #naturalhairgoals #blackownedbuisness #poetry #positiveqoute #carnival2018 #carnivalnottinghill
Our products got a chance to hang out with @curlture in jamacia this year. ⠀⠀
Like our cute travel sizes? well they’re coming soon🙌🏾🌹💦
This image reminds me of the beautiful summer we just had. Bring it back please☀☀☀
⠀⠀ #headwrap #naturalhairdreams #naturalhairinspiration #mellowyellow #blackgirlmagic✨
In addition to revolutionising the efficacy and performance of textured hair care. I am also very passionate about  challenging the implicit bias when it comes to textured hair,  ensuring that all girls, what ever their complexion or hair texture , feel inherently beautiful. Today I delivered another confidence building workshop to a small group of princesses. I deliberately do this in small groups,so that I can really unpick negative self talk and replace this with high self , hair and racial esteem. Its something I truly  love doing, it warms my soul. Yet, it can be challenging.  One of the hardest things Is holding back the tears when a beautiful princess divulges that she dislikes her hair texture or hates her complexion. It honestly hurts. Now,  I've been doing theses workshops for a while and I have  never posted them,  But today motivated by @curltureuks post  and the smiles on theses princesses faces i am encouraged to do so. To remind my instagram family that we all have a pivotal role to play in the eradication of texture discrimination and colorisim.  Let's teach the next generation of girls that the world lied, Beauty is diverse,  it includes every skin tone and every hair type

No hash tags for this one 😘
The perfect look for festival season! who else would rock this?🍃🌺🌹🌸
Happy hump day guys, Fun Hairducation fact for you today
Many of us know that manipulating our hair when its dehydrated equals death to our strands, but did you know that manipulating hair when it is soaking wet can be just as damaging🤦🏾‍♀️. ⠀⠀
This is one of the reasons why we encourage you to rub the shampoo formula in your hands first before shampooing and then smooth the shampoo down the shaft of your hair in downward stroke, as this helps to avoid any vigorous scrubbing or rubbing. ⠀⠀
when styling make sure you squeeze the excess water out of the strands of your hair using a microfiber towel or a tshirt 💦
"We love nylah shampoo and conditioner not just because they are natural 🍃but also because they really help keep my thirsty type 4 hair moisturised and hydrated💦💦💦. My niece loves them too..." Thanks  @hayley_08 for this  cute pic and awesome review.  Have you tried our products for wash day yet?
its #Froday guys. We absolutely love this big puff its giving us @officialjamelia vibes with all of those gorgeous kinks. 😍
Whats your favourite summertime natural hairstyle? comment below 👇
Sometimes your awaking moment is realizing that you need to slow down. So  pause, breath and reset! It's OK. With a crazy schedule and to extensive to do list , it's important to take some personal time. Clear your mind, reconnect with nature and indulge in what feels good to you. 🍃🌼