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#draw3playingcards @crossroads.cardslinger @blessedb333 These are the cards I got for a detailed description of someone who will play a more important role in my life in the next 6 months. Female, age 50-60, Sagittarius. She's got a stocky build, olive skin (or tans easily), with blonde hair and light color eyes (blue, green, gray). Don't think I know who this is yet. Will be on the lookout though 👀 #Cartomancy #cartomancersofinstagram #divination
Would you rather be with friends in the city or the great outdoors? 🤔WHICH PATH? Why?
Deck: Life Path Cards (shop link in bio)
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🔮VISION BOARD OF THE WEEK. I did this #visionboard reading for the question, How can we achieve world 🌎 harmony? Here are the cards I got:
CHAKRA: Crown 👑 chakra card shows we need to integrate the spiritual lesson of selflessness 😇
GUIDANCE. Connect With Nature suggests we all need to unplug more and get our hands into the earth 🌱for more grounding. Receive Graciously is about being grateful for your blessings 💐
ESSENCES: The Acacia Tree essence promotes silence, meditation and peacefulness🛀🏻 The Sweet Potato essence helps people to feel safe again who feel anxiety and fear of physical harm 🔪
LIFE PATH. The Life Path card shows the metaphorical path we must walk to reach the goal of world harmony. Although we must wade through strong water (emotions) and walk under a dark pier (dark period) the way is clear of obstacles
Decks: Chakra Cards, Oracle Everywhere, Essential Essence Oracle, Life Path Cards (shop link in bio) #otmchakracards #oracleeverywheredeck #essentialessenceoracle #otmlifepathcards #oraclecards #oraclecardreadersofinstagram
#draw3playingcards @crossroads.cardslinger @blessedb333 These 3 cards seem to shed light on the new moon/solar eclipse and what we need to do during this time. It's also interesting that a pair of eyes shows up since the eclipse is something everyone wants to see
4 of Clubs shows this is a good time to rest
2 of Hearts shows we should connect and find common ground with each other
7 of Diamonds shows we should use this time for planning and preparation for reaching future goals
Deck by @marisajimenezart
Here's a shot of my #grimoire in the making and my moon/solar eclipse pendulum chart showing possible effects of the eclipse. I got SEE A PERSON's TRUE NATURE and A STARTLING TRUTH. So it looks like during this new moon timeframe I'll discover some surprising truth about someone. Maybe even me!😲 #pendulum #divination #newmoon #solareclipse2017
💖I'm loving the wonderful insights @diamondisclosure is sharing with her Moodswings Emotion Cards (shop link in bio)
#Repost @diamondisclosure
Restlessness is an emotion of uncertainty.  It’s spiraling with no clear direction that is not quite up or down. Restlessness can create anxiety and take you into a depressive state.  Peace is not easily achieved in a restless being. The thought patterns consist of worry, which creates more worry and finally guilt. This cycle is unhealthy.  Most do not consider peace or try to strive for calm when they are restless. The energy is forced in and focused entirely on the self, the ego.

How do you achieve peace?

Peace is attained through acceptance. The acceptance of yourself and others, just as they are. Peace is channeled through meditation  and achieved with stillness. Stillness of the mind, body, and spirit.  To be peaceful is a conscious action. The attainment of peace comes through growth and the revelation that we are all imperfect.
Shedding anger, shame, insecurities, and all flaws are a must for true peace to be realized.  Peacefulness is maintained through daily practice. Peace is love!
An affirmation for peace: “I am peaceful, still with the Earth and all other beings in the universe.”
I made the PETS IN SUITS into cards and they came out great. Still don't have an oracle concept for them so the backs are blank
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#newmoon #solareclipse reading with the Haiku Oracle
this deep in fall
winter solitude
the oil freezing
What message do you see in this poem?
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Let your sparkle shine
Trust your intuition
Difficult is not impossible
I hope these words encourage you this week in whatever you do! Have a great week🎉 Guess what? You can also purchase this deck in @littleredtarot Beth Maiden's Little Red Tarot shop, a great resource for UK buyers
Deck: Pep Talk (SHOP link in bio)
30 Day Pep Talk FREE course available (ACADEMY link in bio) #peptalkdeck #oraclecards #inspiration #motivation #peptalk #oraclecardreadersofinstagram
#draw3playingcards @crossroads.cardslinger @blessedb333 These cards were chosen for the day ahead. Q♦️Q♥️ 3♠️ Numerical theme is 9 which means the question is How can I release the past and start over? Looks like 2 women at odds and interfering or creating a 3-sided conflict. The Q♥️ (dear friend or family member) is trying to get the attention of the Q♦️(mother figure) but her words are falling on deaf ears. The result is emotional pain. There's a need to ask if you're keeping unsupportive people around you. #cartomancy #divination #playingcards #cartomancersofinstagram
#draw3playingcards @blessedb333 @crossroads.cardslinger  I'm guessing COD is card of the day
The Queen of Clubs in my system is the hostess with the mostess. She's usually a friend or colleague of the seeker and she brings fun, adventure, and a bit of gossip with her. She can be a bit of a drama queen but she's always the Life of the party. She may show up as the "other woman" and if she represents the seeker it shows someone who is single and dating
This gorgeous card is from a deck of super gorgeous playing cards by @marisajimenezart #cartomancy #playingcards #cardistry #divination #cartomancer
Hey @lego_bird here's my scrying mirror. I made a mini one first to test out the process and I'll probably make a bigger one today. I just bought a photo frame from The Dollar store and painted the glass with black acrylic paint. Then put the glass in with the painted side on the inside. Voila! Scrying mirror. I have tried this before and wasn't very good at it but I figure I'll try again. #scrying #scryingmirror #divination #prediction #fortunetelling #crystalball