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Pets In Suits Cabinet Cards flipthrough on IGTV (in profile) Check out all 50 funny pet portraits! 🐶 🐱 #100daysofpetsinsuits 
Let me know what questions you have about this deck!
Nothing is wrong with you
Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?
Fall seven times, stand up eight
I hope these words encourage you this week in whatever you do!
Have a great week🎉 
Decks: Pep Talk & Flowers For Rumi (SHOP link in bio)
The Ancestor Deck (ORDER PAGE link in bio) #peptalkdeck #flowersforrumi #theancestordeck #oraclecards ##inspiration #motivation #oraclecardreadersofinstagram
Ghoulie (skeleton poppet) thought it a good idea to do a Friday the 13th spread in my shadow work Magical Playbook. This is adapted from a Spread by @kikiscauldron & I’m using my Secrets of the Shadow Oracle deck (SHOP link in bio)
Black Cat/an event or omen crossing your path: CROSS. A heavy burden
Bad Luck/the worst that can happen: KEY. Finding a solution
Good Luck/the best that can happen: OWL. Clarity and wisdom
Knock On Wood/Guidance it how to protect yourself: BAT. Transform the burden as part of a spiritual purification process
What’s the first sticker you notice? What message does it give for the weekend? .
This is my Sticker Scrying Board in my #magicalplaybook. The Magical Playbook is an interactive #grimoire featuring #divination and intuitive insight tools like card spreads, #crystalgrids #scryingmirror #visionboard #pendulumchart magic puzzles and much more. ✨Link in bio for more info!
I just love seeing the Haiku Oracle in action with other decks! Lovely read @everlasting.pilgrim .
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Show your true colors! 💙❤💚💛🧡💜🖤 #haikuoracle @otmoraclecards 
#sacredrebelsoracle #messageoftheday 
Just posted a flipthrough of my FLOWERS FOR RUMI deck in my IGTV (tap the link in my profile). This is a 50-Card inspirational deck. Each card features an insightful #Rumi quote and a flower abstract I made using iPhone apps. Check out the SHOP link in my bio to purchase.
👁You can find these videos and a few more in my IGTV (look in my profile—you don’t need the app). I honestly never got the hang of Stories and I like the 10 minute format of IGTV. Everything I have to share needs a 10-minute window (not 10 seconds). Let me know if you’d like to see a flipthrough of one of my original decks. If you have a Reading Drills question, share it in the comments and I’ll use it next time.
It’s so much fun seeing the Tarot Everywhere deck in action! Thanks for posting @everlasting.pilgrim You can find this deck in my SHOP (link in bio)
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Day 3 of  #thejulytarot by @lionharts 
The cards revealed!

1. World
2. King of Wands
3. Six of Cups


My goals can be attained if I allow more playfulness  and easiness into my daily life, I stick to my plan and spend time with family and friends.

#tarot #tarotcommunity
How To Make The Most Of Today Spread @magpietarot .
The Right Action: CREATE. Always😃 🎨 
The Right Thought: #thesun Stay positive 🌞 Hold loving thoughts
To Be Aware Of: #thetower Sudden changes and a need to take risks
Your Blessing: #death Each day is an opportunity to start over 💀 😊 ...
Decks (SHOP link in bio): Oracle Everywhere #oracleeverywheredeck and Tarot Everywhere #taroteverywheredeck
A weekly themes reading using my #magicalplaybook Magic Puzzle is up on my IGTV (in my IG profile). Are you enrolled in my Make This Magical Playbook class yet? 🦄Link in bio🦄
It’s never too late
You deserve some cake 🍰 
Take care of yourself first
I hope these words encourage you this week in whatever you do!
Have a great week🎉 
Deck: Pep Talk (SHOP link in bio)
30 Day Pep Talk FREE course available (ACADEMY link in bio) #peptalkdeck #oraclecards #inspiration #motivation #peptalk #oraclecardreadersofinstagram
Just uploaded a new IGTV video spotlight on this unique #tealeafreading book by @tabithadial I’ll be using it with my #magicalplaybook and #charmcasting set. Check out the video for a quick demo!