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“I have a simple but strong belief: how you gather, manage, and use information will decide whether you win or lose” - Bill Gates


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“Getting angry doesn’t solve anything” - Grace Kelly ✨
And guess who changed her Instagram theme again? 🙋‍♀️ I love trying new things & learning new things. How often do you change your Instagram theme? 💭
+ A huge thanks & shoutout to @preview.app for always being there for me (& many others) 💐
Hey, you guys! Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve changed my blog’s theme & I didn’t finish it everything yet, so you might face some errors + I’ve shared some cool & freebies ✨
Happy July, guys! This month’s freebies are up on my blog. Sorry for being late 🌸
Hey, guys! Today, I wrote about things I’ve been in love with lately... just some movies, series, quotes & people. The post is live on my blog ✨
“You are what you eat” // a while ago, I attended a salt awareness day at my university. I had a lovely time & I learnt so many things. I thought today I’ll share some high-salted foods & a good alternative for each one of them on my blog. Please check it out & let me know what you think ✨
I hope that you guys are having a lovely & peaceful Friday 💕 there’s a new blog post on OL. It’s one of those get to know me days... plus, what do you think about my doodling skills? 🙈
Hey, guys! A new post is live on my blog. It’s all about creating your own blog 💫 hope you guys like it ❤️ P.S. Which platform do you use for blogging?
I grew up watching Disney movies (I’m still a big fan) I was just wondering whose your favorite Princess + Prince + Villain? 💝💫👑🧚‍♀️
Heyyy, you guys ✨ if you’ve noticed, I have made some changes on my instagram. I’ve changed my highlight icons (if you want me to create one for you, I’m more than happy to create) also, every once in a while I will post a tutorial on my story (let me know if you guys want something specific) + I also posted an easy tutorial on my blog about how to add “pin it” button on your blog (I can create one for you)
Note: I won’t charge you guys for anything, I’ll do for free 💛
And my final exams began! Today was day one & I’m so tired 😴 what about you? How’s your day so far? #ipreview @preview.app
Your pictures aren’t getting enough likes? You’re not contacting with other bloggers on Instagram? Well, one of the causes could be: You’re not using hashtags.. I’ve shared some of the best hashtags to use on Instagram. Click that link-y in my bio and know them all #️⃣💛 #ipreview @preview.app