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St Louis largest Pole Dancing Studio! We offer pole dance classes. Book your Pole Dancing parties for bachelorettes, birthdays or Girls only events.

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Have you been on the fence about pole dancing or just felt like you can't do it because of your size?

This blog proves all of that wrong. Read what other amazing plus size pole dancers have struggled with! Our very own @edasclimb was featured in this blog!

She created @curvyconfidenceseries to show you that anything is possible with consistency and positivity!

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My first article ever! Don't hesitate to take a look, and thank you again @lolorashel @zack_von_gaga @i_am_couture @rozthediva @emmaspoledancing @edasclimb and @thefamousmsvegas for sharing with us your words and thoughts 🙏❤
I feel so lucky to have got the opportunity to exchange with you!!! 😍
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Check out these Black Friday specials! Check out @edasclimb  on Friday and Saturday and bring a friend for FREE with you to pole class and share a pole together! Sign up ASAP because it's almost sold out! Check out or call us at 636-896-5855 #TEAMLEMON
Have you been naughty or have you been nice?!
Join Pink Lemon Studio for their annual Christmas Party!! You will see performances by instructors, have snack, learn a twerk routine, and enjoy the fellowship of fellow lemons! 🍋💕
We would like to welcome Rachael to the Instructor Team!

Rachael has been dancing since the age of four. All of her friends were off to kindergarten, so her mother put her in a dance class to have something to do, and from there the obsession grew. At age 14, she started co-teaching children’s dance classes and eventually took on her own classes. Her dance background includes ballet, classical pointe, tap, jazz, and lyrical. 
Rachael has been coming to Pink Lemon weekly since March 2017 to take pole classes and has already progressed to Level 2. You can see her competing in the upcoming PSO Gateway Pole Championships hosted at SLU this year. She will be competing in the Level Two Entertainment Division. 
Join her starting in December for Chair Dance Fitness. Get sexy and get sweaty!
These students are crushing their goals in Beastmode Bootcamp! Come see what all the fuss is about every Wednesday at 7:30pm! 💪🏻
We had an awesome COED Lyra class last weekend with @pinklemontay! This is her and @miss_kaityl showing off some of their skill!

Watch out for more aerial coming soon!
Have you wanted to try pole? This is a Black Friday Special for $25 and you can bring a friend to share your pole! Memberships can be used towards this class! Join us!
Join @edasclimb November 24th and 25 for Beastmode Bootcamp! It is a Black Friday Special for $25 and you can bring a friend! Memberships can be used towards this class!!
She says it all.
We offer a variety of classes that fits every woman's lifestyle and image.
Join our women empowering community and experience what our lemon family has to offer.
Discover a world of entertainment and discover who you really are. We offer classes and positive experiences in a judgement free Zone here at Pink Lemon Studio and we invite you to join us. Be a Lemon.
Follow our page on Facebook. Pink Lemon Studio, finish this conversation and hear what Jennifer has to say.
Sign up for classes and book your girls night, bachelorette parties and private lessons at

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Her steps are her words
Her technique is her voice &
Her performance is her story.
Jennifer is a fiery ball of energy and it shows in her dance style. She also doesn't that with grace.
Did you know Jennifer is a US veteran. She served in the army for 6 years and that's only one thing that keeps her strong and grounded.
Always says yes to dance and being who you are, no matter the circumstances. That's why she is the woman of the hour and also the reason we appreciate her at Pink Lemon Studio.
Stop by to say hi, sign up for classes to experience what team Lemon has to offer.
Nothing but the best in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Be a Lemon.

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You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated.
Meet Jennifer our founder and Girl BOSS. She is one of a kind.
@thefabulouslifeofjenn has a vision, she is focused and extremely passionate about her goals. As a level 2 to 3 and competition instructor Jennifer is strong and quick to assist by all means necessary.
She has got that girl boss hustle, and that's why we love her here at Pink Lemon Studio.
Don't forget to follow Jennifer on social media and on our Facebook page. Sign up for classes/private and parties at

Quote👉 Dr. May Angelou.

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Hey there yes YOU,
Get aquinted with Rae our lovely instructor here at Pink Lemon Studio. 
Get to know why she is a senior instructor. Have you seen her talents or watched her video. If not go watch her previous instagram video on our page. I promise you, you'll be impressed.
Get to know her on Facebook and watch the full video of who Rae is. Follow her on instagram @raebendafit and sign up for classes or private lessons at Don't forget to like our page. SEE YOU on our FACEBOOK PAGE.
Be a Lemon.

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