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Editor of the now defunct Australian snow, skate, surf magazine, Pop Magazine.


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@moondogmacy shakin’ off the sea legs by goin’ fast. #dirksenderby10
@jpminibike goin’ fast. #dirksenderby10
Our decent into Yosemite Valley took us through a pine forest burnt by wildfire the year before. Off in the distance a new fire was burning, filling the valley with haze and smoke. This was day 8 of 9 and 110 miles on the John Muir Trail. #california #adventure #35mm #yosemite
Over the past 7 days we’d walked past so many places to swim, but this bend in the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River was just too perfect. It was so clear and emerald green.... and breathtakingly cold. #california #jmt #adventure #35mm
@rhysvleugel in the early morning mist of Lyell Canyon. Coming back to this spot for sure. #california #jmt #adventure #35mm
@julesvleugel head down and trying to find oxygen going over 11,000ft Donohue Pass, the highest point of our trek along the JMT earlier this year. With Australia’s highest mountain being 7000ft, this was the highest elevation Jules had ever been, let alone hiking 6 days with gear and food to get to! #california #adventure #35mm
My younger brother @marcneilbaker just released a music video. Directed by @bootswallace, featuring people and places that influence Marc’s work, it’s a fun post-punk pop ode to Los Angeles. Link in my bio. Release the EP already Marc!
@rhysvleugel and @julesvleugel with a spectacular view of Banner Peak from our tents at Garnet Lake. Just as well, this was at the end of a hard day. Also lifting our spirits was the Forest Service ranger we met on the trail who’d trekked days to locate a pile of trash some through-hikers had disgustingly left behind. The Tolkien fan in me can’t help but equate these ‘shepherds of the forest’ to the Ents. They do an under-appreciated, vital job and I’m always inspired when I meet them in the wilderness. #california #jmt #adventure #35mm
Back to LA and a new pile of developed film from @julesvleugel @rhysvleugel and I’s 110 mile hike along the JMT earlier this year. A happy accidental double-exposure from @julesvleugel. #california #jmt #adventure #35mm
Whole lotta’ nothing down here in Baja.
No hay días malos.
Baja surf checks. Thanks for the tour Jake. 📷: @jpminibike