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I came across these brand new highlighters in Primark last week for just £2.50, I absolutely love them and they are very shimmering and very pigmented! There’s more available that I wanna get to add to my collection,
I love my little mini collection of powders from @benefitcosmeticsuk 🤗
I found this gorgeous unicorn highlighting palette in TK max in the clearance rack for a incredible price of £3!’ I know it’s a bit grubby and the mirror is slightly broke but it doesn’t matter as I can still use it’ the colours are beautiful and very pigmented and shimmering! It was the bargain of the day! 🤗
I love my Marie trinket dish that I have been after for a few weeks from Primark, I haven’t decided where I am gonna put it as yet as I need more room in my bedroom! I will find somewhere for it to go eventually 🙂
Picked up some new bits from the new Primark bronzing range and I also found a amazing unicorn 🦄 highlighting palette in TK max for a incredible price of £3🤩the colours are very pretty and I cannot wait to use them!
I was super pleased to find that Primark had these cogsworth clocks back in stock! The second I saw it I had to get one as I didn’t wanna go without one, sadly I need to take it back and exchange it for a new one as the hands has broken and it doesn’t work☹️it’s a lovely piece for any bedroom!
I found this handy device in carphone warehouse for £5! I have used it on my phone and computer and it does a excellent job at cleaning my screens! So much better then using polish!
I love my @primark Micky mouse flip flops that I found today, these were only £2 and they fit me very well and don’t rub me like my others that I have’ very comfy as well!
I have finally got one at last.... the minions colouring book I found this in WH Smith’s for £2 and I couldn’t resist not to get it! I absolutely love it!
I think that I went a little bit over board on makeup today, as I haven’t been out for almost 4 weeks due to me being ill I have missed out on new beauty launches from Maybelline & Rimmel I absolutely love the new bronze pallets from Primark 🙂
Here are some of my minions colourings, I have only done two at the moment and I will add more when I have finished them, what do you all think?
I have been loving Hogwarts mystery and I have already reached level 2 and it’s a really good game, i have learnt a lot doing my lessons and practicing my spells and magic! 👊