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Disabled & Chronically I’ll Writer & YouTuber|Living The Chronic Illness Life From Viral Encephalitis With|Travel🌍Beauty💄Fashion👗Nature💐Animals🐶& More


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I love my little collection of my @britneyspearsfragrances fragrance mist! I use these every day and the fantasy is my favourite scent! Gonna be getting some more over the next couple of weeks!
I love this new range Paradise by @lorealmakeup I tried the mascara that I wanted for a while and it’s brilliant’ it makes your eyes much sharper and more Devine! And the brow pomade is one of the best that I have ever used apart from the benefit range witch is the same quality!
Here’s a lovely photo of me and Cody! 💕This photo is one of the best that I have taken with him! He’s a bit camera 📷 shy when I tried to take this photo!
I have had a huge clean-out of my teddies and plushes, I have decided that I will donate them to much needed people that doesn’t have anything! This is much more nicer and I can easily get in and out of bed now witch is fabulous! I had way to many teddies! 🤔
I think that I have way to many teddies ! Especially my @minionnation @disneyfrozen Olaf’s 💕I have decided that I am gonna donate some!
This what happens when you put burning candles 🎂 underneath your TV! It melts into the plastic when your candles are burning away without you knowing, it’s a shame that this has happened to my tv and there’s no physical damage to it and I still watch TV with no issue what so ever’
This was a great bargain from @asda this @veetuk sensitive precision beauty styler was £12 reduced to only £4 🤭I have been after one for ages!
I love my @cathkidston_ltd #cathkidstonxdisney foldaway travel bag and it looks so big as well’
What a gorgeous @cathkidston_ltd #cathkidstonxdisney wash bag
I love my @cathkidston_ltd #cathkidstonxdisney Micky mouse umbrella’ super ideal to go with my backpack😉
I found this @cathkidston_ltd #cathkidstonxdisney iPad case on the sale and I couldn’t not go without one as I love the pattern on it’ I will be getting a iPad soon and this will be perfect’
I love my @cathkidston_ltd #cathkidstonxdisney notebook and it’s perfect for all of my writing essentials