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live life to the death. Dementia
new @lunchiebaby record is the jam! let the funk take over
@reginaldsylvester2 you keep getting better every time!
student of the game in more ways than one. I’m the greatest because of it
i plan on making new stuff. One offs of course. You gotta know to get it.  stay postado
small dog big city
outer body x-periences or outer body jimi hendrix experience 😬
I wish I could go and find my elementary school art teacher, and thank him. For some reason I always carried this rule had for art class with me, which was you weren't allowed to erase anything, you have to be creative and make it something more. 
mistakes don't really happen. You'll only fuck it up more trying to erase it instead of learning it and from it. Ain't no realer time than now.
just bought a Hockney should of bought a condo// speaking of condo could of bought a George// fuckit, I’ll get more benji’s later// i may take a few Ls but i bungee back later// (the bounce back game off the chain)