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Big vibrant colours to compliment your humble abode*. Maybe make you feel better than good when you drink your matcha latte(personal fav), coffee(primary fav), or tea(night time fav that’s tradition). Picture that! #razcal #razcallife #themidastouch
Something in the worxxx 🤐
An update of the razlife wooooohooooo #razcallife #razcal
Kate by Terry O’Neill #razcal #razcallife
Don’t goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 
#razcal #razcallife
I mean even James Dean couldn't escape the allure. Dying young, leaving a good-lookin corpse, of course. - - - -
Side note: I hate the word and idea of a 'career'. Millionaires/Billionaires don't really have careers they just do things they like which is a hobby. I've studying the ideas that Karl Marx had. They really made think of how much people are consumed by work rather than being productively alive. I don't agree with all of his ideas but his ideas helped shape my views. So, all that is said to say this, don't ask me what I do, I hate that question almost with a passion. I will never answer it seriously. Words hold power, how you speak to yourself reflects how you move. - that’s a topic for another day. **i’ll fix any typos later
#razcal #razcallife
Watching you #razcal #razcallife
{ Brief intermission } been working on how I’m gonna give out some of those pieces and I’ve also been working on crazy thangz. stay postado. #razcal #razcallife
Samples only for reference not for production. When the time’s right these MAY drop but if you want one holla at the kid, might get one off the love ❤️ #razcal #razcallife potential archival pieces
We come back alive around this time #razcal #razcallife
I asked folks what this meant to them, the answers were amazing. this was suppose to be a reference to a secret society initiation and fear of the unknown. My explaination of this doesn’t eliminate yours. I’m the viewer of my own work as well. #razcal #razcallife
Old Friends become new strangers, and strangers become new friends, the cycle may never end. #razcal #razcallife