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Wake up to the skin of your dreams with DEJ Night face cream™ (with Retinol, Bakuchiol & Prebiotic Innovation). Tag us #RevisionSkincare

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Discover our easy-to-use anti-aging 45-day use* Trial Regimens that target the following specific skincare goals:
*Starting an Age-Defying Skincare Regimen
*Brightening to Recapture Youthful Radiance
*Enhancing and Prolonging Treatment Results
*Calming and Protecting Vulnerable Skin
*Targeting All Visible Signs of Aging

Trial Regimens are exclusively available at select local authorized skincare professional. Leave a comment with your zip code + which skincare goal you’re interest in and we’ll help locate one near you! #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin *Depending on usage.
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Wake up to the skin of your dreams with our NEW! DEJ Night face cream™. It targets the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines & wrinkles, crepey/thinning skin, skin texture, and uneven skin tone. #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin #LongTermSkinHealth
Revox™ 7 is a powerful, oil-free serum that helps smooth the appearance of expression lines by incorporating clinical levels of 7 different peptides. Pairs perfectly with in-office injections! #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin #LongTermSkinHealth
It's officially Fall! Time to enjoy warm drinks, modify your skincare routine for the season and rake some 🍃. What is your favorite fall activity? A few fall-lovers may receive their very own DEJ eye cream®! #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin #FirstDayofFall @illinoiscosmeticplastic
Harness the power of the most comprehensive age-defying products on the market, including our newest night-time moisturizer, DEJ Night face cream™. Formulated with 0.25% Retinol, #Bakuchiol and Prebiotic Innovation. 
#HealthyBeautifulSkin #RevisionSkincare
Say hello to our new night-time intensive moisturizer – DEJ Night face cream™, formulated with microencapsulated 0.25% #Retinol, #Bakuchiol and our #Prebiotic Innovation to work while you sleep. Learn more about the benefits, ingredients and more by visiting our IG stories asap! #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin
@NewBeauty had it right when they awarded Nectifirm® ADVANCED with the 2018 NewBeauty Award for “the neck cream that delivers noticeable results”. #RealResultsWednesday #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin
Thousands of physicians recommend Nectifirm® to their patients every day. This product is best fit for those beginning an anti-aging regimen, while Nectifirm® ADVANCED is best for someone with more advanced visible signs of aging. #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin ( #📷 @piazzacenter_jen )
Why should you care about the Dermal-Epidermal Junction or the DEJ? It’s really simple – enjoy learning the easy answer to why maintaining a healthy DEJ should be a priority! #RevisionSkincare #HealthyBeautifulSkin
Center for Dermatology in Minnesota says: "Have you ever tried #RevisionSkincare's DEJ eye cream®? This must-have is one of our most popular products - perfect for any morning routine!" #HealthyBeautifulSkin ( #📷 @center.for.dermatology )
Happy Saturday! Start your skin off right with a customized Revision Skincare® regimen from your authorized skincare professional. What does your regimen look like? Tell us in the comments! 
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We approve of this kind of “cocktail” from @healthylooksmo any day!

They say: “Happy Friday! We’re mixing up a different kind of cocktail this weekend. “Carri’s Cocktail” includes #RevisionSkincare’s Revox™ 7, Hydrating Serum & Vitamin C Lotion 30%. One pump of each and viola! The perfect mix.” #HealthyBeautifulSkin ( #📷 @healthylooksmo )