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In these photos, you’ve got student leaders, ROTC, journalist, business leaders, aspiring teacher, mathematician, global affairs, STEM leaders, student affairs professional, undergrads & grad redefining the spaces we occupy, pushing the limits, and doing it all through incredible community-building and story-telling. Hey everyone, it’s Lorena checking in for one last time! Our trip has come to an end but the year is just starting. Rutgers, MAKE THIS YOUR YEAR and let’s start this semester at a high note! This week has been an incredible journey, having a seat at this table with 11 other Rutgers students has been an extremely uplifting gift and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year! 
From Arizona, with love! 
If you are interested in participating in an Rutgers Alternative Break, follow us at @rualtbreaks for updates and news! RUAB is a part of the Department of Leadership & Experiential Learning (@rutgersleaders), lets give it up for our student LEx Leaders!
If you are also interested in taking over the Rutgers page for #RUMyView, email! 
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Let’s make some pupusas! 
Lorena here! Today we had the pleasure to speak with Yesenia Edith Palencia, a member of Mariposas Sin Fronteras. Yesenia shared her story of migrating here to the United States from El Salvador. Our group ends the night here at BorderLinks making pupusas with Yesenia! RU stuffed? We are!! Thank you Yesenia! 
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Today’s focus: brain power 
Hi Rutgers, Lorena here! We just finished a long day of speaking to many organizations and groups around Tucson. Started our day at the Southside Presbyterian Church, had lunch with Paisanos Unidos, spoke with Mariposas Sin Fronteras & finished off with wise words from Isabel Garcia. So much energy in the spaces we’ve occupied during this trip and the biggest one? Brain power! As our trip is coming to an end, we begin to reflect on our experience here and how we can apply what we learned in our backyard. Let’s work hard, play hard! 
Speaking of play hard: our group is doing a bit of exploring in Downtown Tucson tonight, check out our Rutgers story to see what we’re up to!
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How’s the cold weather treating you, Jersey? It’s Lorena checking in! Today we partnered with a Tucson-based group called No More Deaths to drop off water gallons in the southern Arizona desert! 
Pictured today: the simple joy and laughs
Not pictured today: the passing storm & strenuous four-mile hike, whew! 
#RUMyView #RUABoutService #RUintheZONA
“You all have come very far to learn”

Lorena here again! 2,094 miles away from home, we find ourselves here, at BorderLinks. It is a non-profit organization who has welcomed us with open arms and a space for us to live, sleep, and learn. Far from the traditional educational setting that we‘re used to, we were introduced to popular education, a style of learning that can happen at any time and any place. Having learned a bit about our environment, our group, and ourselves, the common feeling among us was enlightenment. So yes, we have come very far to learn - but we always carry a piece of home wherever we go! 
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Hello from Nogales, Arizona! How is your winter break so far, Rutgers? My name is Lorena Pedetti (@lorenapedetti) , I currently study Communication / Public Relations in the New Brunswick Campus but for the next six days - this is my classroom. I am a site leader for Rutgers Alternative Breaks (@rualtbreaks) here to learn more about immigration in Tucson AZ and near the borderlands with 11 other students! I am excited to share my experience with you all but until then, stay nice and warm! 😉 
#RUMyView #RUABoutService #RUintheZONA
Happy New Year to everyone in the #RutgersFamily! Hope you are all ready to shine in 2018!
We hope that everyone in the #Rutgers Family has a fun and restful winter break. See you all in 2018!
We hope finals are treating you well, #RutgersFamily! If you need a break from studying, check out one of the great #STRESSBUSTERS activities @rutgerslibraries are hosting through Friday. More info on their page.
Last night, Rutgers University–New Brunswick Chancellor Deba Dutta and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Felicia McGinty helped #Rutgers students take a break from their studies by serving late night snacks, posing for selfies, and sharing some words of encouragement at MidKnight Breakfast. 
Good luck on finals!
Yesterday, @programsru hosted the Comfort Zone and @rutgerslibraries gave out coffee and cookies to help #Rutgers students escape the end of the semester stress. What are some of your favorite ways to combat your #ExamSeason stress? 📸: @programsru & @rutgerslibraries
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