2 fun CHI town chicks bringing together local Chicago brands for the most fun & boozy pop up shop🍸
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Sending all the good vibes to you from @jar_in_pieces ! 💞JoJo pours her heart & soul into her wearable art so we can wear these dainty necklaces while channeling our inner Goddess. 🙌🏼Her pieces are handmade with the finest stones, gems, & nickel free metals. 😍The detail on her pieces are truly remarkable & are the perfect gift to show someone how much they mean to you. 💫Share the love this holiday season &check out her pieces at the event this Friday!!🥂#collaborationovercompetition #shopbuzzed 📸:@jar_in_pieces
Hey, it’s the #SHOPBUZZED gals here, havin’ way too much F’ing fun on a Monday (again). 😜NOT sorry about playin’ games while lookin’ on point  in our @designershare furs & heels.👠We are just celebrating the fact that our event is THIS FRIDAY!!!! 💃🏼Reminder:  Make sure you subscribe to & RSVP for the event at @saintlousassembly on 11/24 from 2-5pm so we can have this much fun with YOU! 🍻#collaborationovercompetition 📸: @jadeyhull
🖤Meet our vendor Antoinette, from @shoploveemme , who curates the most essential lifestyle goodies! 👋🏼Her hand-selected gifts are for ALL occasions, like this flask. 😏We 100% support her new FUN lunchbags, wine totes, & cosmetic bags (because food, booze & makeup- duh). 😆You’re gonna get somethin’ for everyone in your best friend clan once you see her cute AF  collection.💋 Cheers to that! 🥂#collaborationovercompetition 📸: @shoploveemme
LOOK. AT. OUR. HAIR. 💁🏼‍♀️We are so glad we had @virtuelabs product to keep our curls under control at this photoshoot. 💋We’re in love with their beautiful product and are damn glad they will be a sponsor at our Black Friday #SHOPBUZZED event at @saintlousassembly from 2-5pm! 🥂If you haven’t heard, they will be giving out complimentary samples for all of you #buzzedbabes to try! 🤤ONLY ONE WEEK TIL THE PARTAY! 💃🏼#collaborationovercompetition 📸: @jadeyhull  furs: @designershare
Brrrr it’s gettin’ cold but we are gettin’ winter-weather cute. 💫You may recognize this bundled up babe from @shop522envy as she is also a co-creator for SHOP BUZZED! 🙌🏼Everyone is in need of a new scarf now that we are wearing winter coats every damn day. 😅Kirsti’s online boutique,  @shop522envy, has got our backs for the winter and all the holiday pieces you need for your endless holiday parties. 🥂Head over to her page to check it out & come try on some gorgeous pieces NEXT WEEK at the event! 😘#collaborationovercompetition 📸: @shop522envy
Staring down our happy hour drinks for this THIRSTY THURSDAY! 😏Ya’ll are going to love being at  @saintlousassembly on Black Friday- rather than throwin’ elbows in department stores. 😅Plus, We will have the complimentary bubbly for all shoppers…what other store can say they will have that?! 🥂Do all your holiday shoppin’ in one spot from 2-5pm & treat yoself with a cocktail while doin’ it! 💋#collaborationovercompetition 📸: @jadeyhull furs: @designershare
HOLY COW we love these boots from @alcalaboutique ! 🙆🏼Meet Alcala’s Boutique, a Chicago based brand that produces quality boots, shoes, & handbags. 👢👜You’re seriously going to walk out of the next #shopbuzzed event with the sickest pair of new kicks. 🙏🏼These boots are made for walkin’... straight to the bar!!! 😜Come check out her other incredible pieces like ponchos, purses, custom hats, & more! 🙌🏼#collaborationovercompetition 📸 : @alcalaboutique
We are so pumped for our mini pop up at @luxeonmadison to promote #shopbuzzed !👌🏼We’ll be spreading the word so more fun Chicagoans can hear about our event NEXT Friday! 🗣So tell your drinkin’ buddy to tell their drinkin’ buddy & bring the whole damn fam! 🍻The more the merrier & there is A LOT of booze to be drank & product to shop! 😏#collaborationovercompetition 📷: @jadeyhull  furs: @designershare
Say heyyy to @chloescravings !! 👋🏼Chloe is one of the boozy boss ladies behind #SHOPBUZZED.🍷Can’t get enough of her fun graphic tee line “The Boyfriend Tee, Commitment Free.” 😍All tees are designed with a drink in hand because that’s the only thing we are committed to anyways.💋You’re going to need to get your drinking partner a tee for the holiday season! 💫Can we get a CHEERS to that!?! 🥂#collaborationovercompetition 📷: @chloescravings
OMG this weekend was the greatest. We did a LOT of boozin’ & a LOT of gettin’ ready for the next #SHOPBUZZED event.  If you are just tuning in, IT’S IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!! On November 24th (yes, Black Friday) from 2-5pm we are going to be sippin’ & snackin’ on complimentary sparkling wine & the famous corn nuts from @saintlousassembly AND SHOPPING the day away! We seriously can’t wait to use the event to party with you.  Until then, we’re  kickin’ our feet up & sippin’ on the good stuff! #collaborationovercompetition 📸: @jadeyhull 👠: @designershare
Meet our second sponsor for our next #SHOPBUZZED event… Virtue Labs! 🙌🏼@virtuelabs is a haircare brand that cares! ☺️Check out their beautiful product that is an absolute treat for your hair, especially for these tough winter months to come. 🙆🏼Lucky you, they will be giving out complimentary samples for our November 24th Black Friday event from 2-5pm at @saintlousassembly ! 👏🏼We can’t wait to give our locks some love! 💁🏼#collaborationovercompetition 📸: @virtuelabs
This is where you can find us this THIRSTY THURSDAY! 🥂Got our minds on beer & our a$$es on the bar! 😂We can get a little balls-y since we know our faux furs from @designershare add a touch of class.😉Designer Share will be one of our amazing sponsors at the next #SHOPBUZZED event on Black Friday so you can try on some beautiful designer clothing & accessories! 🙆🏼So excited to get glam with a drink in hand!! 💋#collaborationovercompetition 📸: @jadeyhull