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➡️ SWIPE FOR BEFORE ⬅️ • The kitchen is finally done. Gone are the vile 70s melamine kitchen cupboards, and badly utilised wall space. Now the cupboards have been sanded, detailed with dowling, painted, and given new handles. To hide the rubbish paint marks on the door windows I covered them with glass film that colour-matched the terracotta quarry floor tiles, and covered the splashback tiles near the sink with stickers in a similar colour. There are shelves now and thermal roman blinds at the single glazed windows. The walls were freshened up with a coat of white, the 70s fluorescent ceiling light was replaced with something more modern (though as the light is harsh, I’ve softened with under shelf lighting, fairy lights, etc) and copper accessories and a runner bring the whole lot together. Yes, it’s very kitschy and by rights the kitchen should be ripped out and a new modern country style one put in, but considering what I’ve had to work with, I don’t think it’s turned out too badly. #kitchenmakeover #diybeforeandafter
How hard is it to learn guitar at the grand old age of 32 (nearly 33)? I bought the guitar a while ago for decoration actually, but then I heard an old favourite of John Denver’s - “Annie’s Song” - earlier and I remembered how much I love singing songs like this. #johndenver #youfillupmysenses #anniessong (Swipe for me singing, something I’ve not done ‘publicly’ for over 15 years)
Here is the first:
⬅️ SWIPE FOR BEFORE ➡️ • This room is V E R Y difficult to photograph, but this is the downstairs toilet just off the office. It was a bland white and had a dreadful medicine cabinet in there. I gave the room a paint, replaced the light fitting and pull, removed the cabinet and added an upcycled mirror in its place, a plant (I rescued the plant pot from a derelict garden belonging to a questionable houseshare I lived in four years ago), and a picture that my grandfather did many moons ago. Nice simple fix. #toiletmakeover #cloakroommakeover #diybeforeandafter
Obviously this applies to the garden too, but interior decoration isn’t anywhere near as time consuming - a redo of a room can essentially be done in a weekend, whereas a garden is an ever-evolving process. I’m looking forward to seeing the garden grow over the next year and getting those landscaping jobs done. I’ll share those with you in my Stories as I go along. 🌱🌷⛏🏚➡️🏠
Before the weather killed my hair. Rarely wear red so I thought this was worth commemorating! #silverhair
(Before 3rd 📷) - This tatty wreath was going cheap in Lidl, decided to tart it up a little. Not much, but got rid of excess glue, moved the berries about a bit, tidied the ribbon, added birds, autumn leaves, stars, and a touch of gold paint. Much better! #christmaswreath (EDIT: Think I’ll add some white roses for next year)
⬅️ SWIPE FOR BEFORE ➡️ • The garden work for 2018 is done. There are still a few small jobs to do in the main area, but that’s for spring. 2019 will see me planting in earnest to soften the borders and lawn edging, and some landscaping down the side paths and ‘work’ space, areas I’ve not shown you yet. But if we consider that this time last year the garden looked an absolute state, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Really hoping the garden starts to mature and comes into its own. #gardenmakeover #cottagegarden #gardenersworld #wintergarden 🌿🌸
HOW IS YUZU STILL SLEEPING?! • The Guardian’s Bad Sex Award shortlist has me howling:
#bathtime 🛁🕯
Driving home. Sky was actually grey, but the sun hit the trees beautifully and I just had to slow down to snail speed and get a shot. This is the last #autumn colour. As of tomorrow it is officially #winter.
Stratford has a Harry Potter shop. (It sells other stuff too, but it is basically HP). ⚡️I didn’t go in. Cause, y’know. Better to avoid temptation. #harrypotter #fantasticbeasts #alohomora #somethingwicked
Here’s a #tbt to two book related fancy dress 30th Birthday bashes: my Great Gatsby and @kaywoowoo’s Alice in Wonderland. #dressup #bookcostume 📚