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Who says girls can’t wear ties? 👔
Thank you for the floral cheer, @kaywoowoo, they’ve bloomed beautifully. 💗
My October reading with matching nails/talons 👁
Weather been mad lately. These were taken two weeks ago: first taken at dusk, last three the next evening - also at dusk - with ten minutes between the orange and rain. Hai, Autumn. ☔️🍂
So, here I am. It’s been a stressful and shitty time these past weeks. I’ve spent a lot of time keeping to myself in Wales, but at the beginning of this month my day job officially started up again which has forced me to come back to the Midlands and be productive. I do have book news, though not what I was hoping for which was just an extra kick where the sun don’t shine, but that’s for another post. In the meantime, having just recovered from a cold I decided to lop off the long locks, redo the undercut, embrace the ever-multiplying greys and taken my hair to another level - at least when those horrid silver strands start coming through they won’t look so darn awful! #greyhair 🌪 (PS, it isn’t perfect but my poor hair can’t take any more bleach. I’ll granny it out slow and easy 😉)
It’s suddenly gone very apocalyptic ...
The weather has broken! 🌧 #goodbyeheatwave
Halcyon Days in High Summer. 🌾#nofilter #soundon🔊
I’ve been in Bham for a conference and now taking the opportunity to have a wander. I’m LOVING the trend for using 18th/19th century maps in their window display advertising - historical geek-dar is blinking!
I love this. 💕