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Why yes, I am just sitting on the floor next to my massive popcorn maker. This is a thing normal humans have and do.
Wait. Which movie am I seeing again?
Here goes nothing! Well, there went nothing. I submitted last night before bed. 😅 ❤️
My Overwatch League gear is here! I'm drowning in the jacket. Maybe I need a small. 😅

#Overwatch #OverwatchLeague #sideshave #orange
A "North Dakota Nice" message to the first person to misgender me in almost a year. 👿
Laundry day, where the clothes don't match and the points don't matter.
My top 9? Tracer's gun and then just me looking good left and right. 😎💕
We're running a #DnD epic today!
#corset #sideshave #pirate #boobs #redlips
Love this outfit so much. ♥️ The vest, torc, boots, sideshave... It all goes so well together!
Walking to the store. I may regret this with the chilly wind.
Kind of decent temp outside, but let's see if the wind sucks! #running
Made my first pecan pie!