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I'm here to DM and steal your girl. 😎 ❤️ #DnD
Guy at pizza shop said he liked my hoodie. That was when I realized my #Overwatch attire unintentionally goes three layers deep today.
The Overwatch gang is setting things up!
I'm a hip Princess Peach! 
I love the Mario event in #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp.
I'm so pleased that #terracehouse is back! @netflix
Hello, ladies. 😎💕
There's a new racer in town. Better watch out. 😎💕
At the eye doctor. You don't see me in glasses too often on here anymore!
A few maps for the #DnD sessions I'm running today.
A #DnD adventure I'm running tomorrow has runes of elements, so now that I've watched Avatar and Korra, I *have* to use these.

#thelastairbender #korra #legendofkorra #aang
Korra-inspired hair today. Finished up the series and still coming to terms with it being over. Now to the comics! #korra #avatar #avatarthelastairbender
I am now a runner. 😎 #netrunner #tabletop #cardgames