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I wasn't too keen on the pic but the one I showed it to loved it, so here you are, lovlies! Legs, pride, and a turret. 
#legsfordays #legs #pride #lesbian #rainbow
Video after I got drilled! 😏😏😏
People staring like they've never seen a parasol before. 👒 ❤️
Why yes, I am glowing. Why? I'm wearing a boatload of sunscreen and going to RibFest for lunch!
I struggled with one of my lines today for my show Pulse Bomb Ready. Here are about a 1/3 of my attempts to get it right with a bonus of my reaction when I finally did it!

#Overwatch #esports
My red dress again because it's my favorite and I just washed it. #dresses
My office this morning. ❤️ #freelance #outdoors #cat #officecat
Lovely weekend camping in Minnesota! It's frigging hot, too! 🏕

#camping #itasca #bikini (Rawr!)
Cute dress I picked up in Austin. 👗 #dresses
#DnD 3.5 is quite a number crunching beast!
Finally I have pink Converse!
Off to see the wizard on this fine day. #Wicked