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I own a food truck.
Laugh more, you’ll feel better. ✌🏻️🌎
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Day 8 of 40 - Week 2: Vitality
Sometimes in order to live in vitality, you need a break & simply just rest your soul. I was fortunate enough to have that time away from my busy schedule and spend it with some of the people I love the most.
My BFF for F (Best Friend Forever for Forever)..... no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always some how match and it’s NEVER planned. 🙄 Thanks for taking that life break with me.
Thanks @bcstoller, @rrufila & @millie_the_wheaten for being gracious hosts!! Can’t wait to make new memories in Chicago! ♥️
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So today was a pretty epic Day 1 of 40 Days!! My brother actually came out and practiced for the first time EVER!!! Very exciting day for me because he is the last person I know who would ever try yoga and he absolutely killed it!! This is the absolute proof that ANYTHING is possible. 😁 Thanks @brettalt for an amazing class (as always). // #40DaysInnovate #MotivationalMonday #SpiritualGangster
Happy Birthday to the one who’s always pushing me to be a better version of myself! 🎈// #PeopleOfStickysChicken
Buffalo Bayou sunset a year after Harvey. Everything heals in due time. Last year, Houston was a mess. With love and time, the city and our hearts have recovered. 
Just because life can make us feel like we’re drowning, it doesn’t mean that it will stay like that forever. Always keep hope in your heart that tomorrow will be a better day. You must always keep fighting because one day you’ll wake up and realize that everything really IS ok. Your heart will eventually heal, but you must allow it the time to, there’s no rush in growth. ♥️
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So this just happened. He came back to tell us how good our food was. 😳😳
No matter what happens in life, the good stuff will always outweigh the bad. Surround yourself with people who consistently make you laugh, because at the end of the day laughing is the best medicine of all. ♥️ // #StuckLikeGlue #RDubz
Seeing old friends from grade school was a pretty cool experience. You don’t realize how much life happens until you look back at where you came from. I was very lucky to grow up in Pearland at the time that I did. It had such a small town homey feel and everyone was your friend. Don’t pass up the chance to go to your high school reunion, you will surprisingly have a good time. Should have taken more pics! ♥️ // #pearlandhighschool #PHS #PrideOfPearland
I aspire to be a “mover and a shaker” that @guy.raz would interview. ♥️🐣
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Life Mood ♥️
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Last week my dad was hospitalized for pancreatitis. Anything that has to do with a major internal organ is scary. Immediately my mind raced with the worse thoughts ever. You hear all these stories about people having simple pain, only to come out of it catastrophic. Thankfully our family wasn’t another one of those stories.
During this time, all I kept thinking about was “how am I going to deal with Sticky’s if Dad isn’t here.” It’s at these moments when the reality of life starts to sink in.
Our time on this earth is precious. Knowing that we don’t have a lot of time and knowing how quickly time can pass, it drives me to be even quicker to reaching my goals. I want my parents to still be able to enjoy my success with me as I reach my goals.
Don’t take life for granted. Cliche, I know... but we must learn to enjoy life by cherishing what we do have. Listen to your heart and take your chances before it’s too late. 
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Celebrating Lola Lourdes’ 40 Days. RIP Lola ♥️
“You must find a place in yourself where nothing is impossible.” -Deepak Chopra ♥️
Mood: Your mind is the source of your creation. Think, believe, envision and watch your dreams come into fruition. 
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