Journey To France By Bike

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Amazing bike trip just with credit card and small under saddle bag. Follow us on our journey from The Czech Republic to France to see famous Le Tour.

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Už brzy zveřejníme dokumentární film o naší cestě na Tour de France. Sleduj náš profil, ať ti nic neuteče.
Finaly arrived at Le Tour! #skreditkou
Best crew ever! #skreditkou @mareklovetinsky @lucka.kramperova @marek_drones @tomhruby @ptrzkmnd
We made it! We reached Le Tour after 1479km. #skreditkou
Mountain stage which you won't forget #skreditkou
What a view #skreditkou
Traffic lights slowing down our average speed :) #skreditkou
Hilly stage, but one of the most beautiful #skreditkou
It is hard to see Biella on this picture, but we saw it :D #skreditkou
Looks like peloton now #skreditkou
Aroung three lakes with credit card...tired legs, hard climb at the end #skreditkou
As high as we got with our bikes #skreditkou