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Streamah Stealth / Lifetime = 25$
KVs 5$ each or 5 for 20$
Specializing in RGH/JTAG modifications
If you want to buy an RGHcontact me on TheTechGame


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Rev c time
IPhone 7 phone case
3d printed pistol
Picked up 26 falcons and jaspers today. Picking up close to 50 more friday.
What should I make next
Current working stock ...
Been away from IG, Here is to my return :) latest trinity install for jay2k3 from TTG.
MLG muslim trinity slim!
Vendettawebs 320gb hdd Trinity Purple leds ; waiting on storm v2 which was delayed during shipping!
Wowm1877 Falcon RGH Purple LEDs 20GB HDD with mw2 preloaded!
Orithos Jasper RGH w/ Blue LEDs!