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Dare to be different.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, 
We would like to thank you all for joining us at TEDxMurtalaSquare TED Event. Your presence today shows a strong commitment to work towards daring to be different and excelling. 
In particular, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the speakers and artists for sharing their expertise and talents with us. We want you to know that what you said and did had a significant impact on many of us. We truly appreciate persons like you all who are willing to give their time and talents to enrich the lives of people in a community.

Thank you also to all the volunteers who helped out. With your hands on deck, you all made it a success. Also Host and co-host, we were pleased to have your participation in this outstanding TED event, and we thank you for your valuable contribution. 
Truly you guys are all ballerz. 
Thanks again for a truly memorable event. We hope you can join us again.

#TEDxMurtalaSquare #Daretobedifferent #Kaduna
GET YOUR TICKETS (LINK IN BIO). 9:30 am (Why are we shouting?) #TEDxMurtalaSquare #DareToBeDifferent #kaduna
Lugard Hall is Kaduna's legislative assembly building, named after the colonial High Commissioner to Northern Nigeria Frederick John Dealtry Lugard.

It was built by the British Colonial government as the Government of Northern Nigeria was centered in Kaduna. The building is of a design brought by Lord Lugard as an imitation of the British House of Commons and Lords, and the third of its kind in the world. It is divided into three sections namely; The Lugard Memorial Chamber otherwise known as the Northern Council of Chiefs, the House of Assembly, and the Assembly Service Commission. It also houses a clinic, kitchen and two dining halls.

#TedxMurtalaSquare #DareToBeDifferent #Kaduna
Come listen to @asmauu_ahmed serenade us at TEDxMurtalaSquare. Purchase tickets on our website (Link in Bio). See you at 9:30 on the 13th of April, 2019. 
#TedxMurtalaSquare #Daretobedifferent #Kaduna
The Kawo bridge is the first of its kind in Kaduna. Constructed by the government of then-governor Ahmed Makarfi, the bridge was expected to ease the traffic congestion around Kaduna metropolis, but years after its construction, the bridge has become a beehive for buyers and sellers.
6pm sees major traffic on the bridge, a gridlock that can last several hours.
Adjacent to the bridge is 1 Division Army Headquarters which makes it relevantly safe. 
#TEDxMurtalaSquare #daretobedifferent #Kaduna
Due to unforeseen circumstances, 
We regret to announce that #TEDxMurtalaSquare will no longer hold at Umar Musa Yar’adua Hall.

NEW VENUE: Syde Resort, Rabah Road Ungwan Sarki Kaduna.
 The experience still remains the same, have you purchased your ticket yet?
Opened In 1982, the Kaduna International Airport is located on the northern edge of the city. With an asphalt surface, the runway is about 9,843 ft serving Kaduna and Nigeria as a whole. Kaduna Airport was chosen as the alternative route during the renovation of the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in Abuja it was at the point that the Kaduna International Airport got a major facelift.It doubles as a public as well as military airport flying to destinations like Lagos, Kano, Ghana, Angola and Dubai. Be sure to reach your destination in a northern style. 
#TEDxMurtalaSquare #DareToBeDifferent #kadunafunfact
We are loving the hype here. The Line Up and ready to deliver. You will not want to miss this and this is a Reminder not to miss it. 
#TEDxMurtalaSquare #DareToBeDifferent #kaduna
The Rigasa train station located in the northern part of Kaduna is an inter-state train station. If you plan on journeying by rail to Abuja and other parts of the country, this is your starting point.
Several kilometers from the high way has the beautifully finished terminal with its green lush paints to the beautiful view and serenity of out of town experience.

#TEDxMurtalaSquare #daretobedifferent #Kaduna
Independence Way is located in Kaduna, Nigeria. Independence Way has a length of 3.46 kilometres. 
It leads to police College prisons and to the famous Lugard Hall (house of Assembly). It links to a lot of notable places e.g constitution road, waff road, yakubu gowon way.... Coming from Kaduna South, the independence way would lead you to Murtala Square and that's where our TedxMurtalaSquare event will take place. 
#TedxMurtalaSquare #daretobedifferent #Kaduna
What do we know about stadium roundabout? A major roundabout link from Kaduna North to Kaduna South. Leading to the bridge that takes you to barnawa and beyond.  #TedxMurtalaSquare #DareToBeDifferent 6 days to go.
Come listen to @jeremiahgyang serenade the audience at TedxMurtalaSquare. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the love album live!
Tickets available on our website. (Link in bio). See you at 9:30 on the 13th of April 2019.