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Giving an Inside look into our program from On & Off the Wrestling Mat. Terpswrestling.com @TerpsWrestling #GoTerps #FearTheTurtle


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Step 笘晢ク. Pick up a 沒. Step 笨鯉ク. Have your hand raised 泗銀坂凾ク Step 汨. Look at the pictures. 筮ク #FearTheTurtle
Senior Day Pin? 洟キ沛サ窶坂凾ク #FearTheTurtle
窶ェFirst 汨 at some 沐・ brand new art in the room! 窶ャ 窶ェ#FearTheTurtle 窶ャ
Attention Greek life! Make sure you head to the Marketing table to check in to win a prize for your chapter!
We窶决e so happy to be home, we窶决e just giving stuff away! 
First 1ク鞘Ε0ク鞘Ε0ク鞘Ε students at Sunday窶冱 match will score a FREE 汨! #FearTheTurtle
A little fun before spring semester begins. #eatandplay
Youssif窶冱 third-place finish is Maryland窶冱 best since 2013. 
We like that. 
Moose is on to the semis! Let窶冱 hear what the man has to say about today窶冱 performance. 
#FearTheTurtle | #Midlands55
Lace 窶脇m up, hit the mat. 
Justin and Ryan getting in the mood for #StarWarsSunday this Sunday during our match vs. Iowa! 

One last stop before heading home this weekend. Catch us on BTN right after @terrapinhoops at 7!

Live from Evanston, it窶冱 MATCHDAY!