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Even the afternoon thunderstorms in the #FloridaKeys are breathtaking. 📷: @faroblancoresort
New to boating in #FloridaKeys waters? A free, online course developed by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary provides information for responsible boating and stewardship, and highlights relevant rules and regulations. Understand boating/watercraft impacts, including damage by boat propellers, groundings, turbidity, and water quality, are all critical to habitats essential for birds, fish and other animals. #SustainableSunday #ConnectandProtect
Explore the sights and sounds of the underwater world in the #FloridaKeys.
Taking in the sunset on the Bahia Honda Rail Bridge. What are your plans for your next #FloridaKeys visit? 📷:
A view from inside Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park in the #FloridaKeys. Did you know that in the 1860s nearly 2,000 people lived within this remote city out at sea? 📷: @billie_malone
#TastyTuesday Who’s in the mood for some Florida lobster? 📷: @angieaway
Dreaming of the #FloridaKeys island life on this Monday afternoon. 📷: @jl__visuals via @visitflorida
A fabulous story of generosity this #SustainableSunday! A well-known and impactful public figure, developer, philanthropist, and visionary, longtime Key West resident David Wolkowsky recently, prior to his passing in Sept. 2018 at age 99, donated Ballast Key, a 14-acre island located in the clear blue and vibrant waters eight miles west of #KeyWest, to be forever protected through the commitment of The Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as part of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. The island is home to many imperiled and endangered species of native plants and wildlife, and the shallow waters that surround the key teem with inhabitants of a healthy coral reef ecosystem including threatened and endangered sea turtles. #ConnectAndProtect 📸 Timothy Greenfield Sanders
Come sail away in the #FloridaKeys. #worldoceansday 📷: @runawaytravelers
Even the dolphins like to take in the sunset in the #FloridaKeys. 📷: @keywestlegalrum
Road to paradise. 🌴 Who’s ready for a weekend getaway? 📷: @boboandchichi
Divers & snorkelers from around the globe visit the #FloridaKeys to view the extraordinary living reef that parallels the island chain. Connect with this incredible ecosystem and help protect and preserve it. #worldenvironmentday #connectandprotect