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The Local spent a day with #Stockholm-based interior architect Elena Ramirez (@elena_ramirez), exploring the #design gems it’s taken her seven years to curate.
The #Spanish interior #architect, who designs #windowdisplay for Swedish retailer @HM, has been in Stockholm since 2012 when she came to study at Sweden's University of #Arts, #Crafts and Design (@konstfack). She fell for the city (and her Swedish fiancé) and soon enough Stockholm became home.
Read more about what locations she reveals best reflect Stockholm’s unique eye for design via the article 🔗in our bio menu. .
Made in partnership with @visitsweden #🇸🇪 .
Let us know YOUR top spots for enjoying design in the comments below.
Alright peeps! 
My #instagramtakeover is complete! Thank you so much for joining me for a week of #mysweden and a little #stopover to #norway 
#sweden is my adopted home and where my heart ❤️ is.

I’m Shaena #tjena your host and hope you’ve enjoyed! 
Until we meet again!
The most important job I have in Sweden is being a #parent 
We moved to Sweden when my eldest was 1.5 and I was #pregnant with my youngest. 
Giving birth in a foreign country can be scary as hell, especially when you don’t speak the language. 
Both of my kids were born #abroad so if you have any questions about giving birth in #sweden, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer. 
As you may know @swedense has one of the worlds best parental leave schemes with 480 days paid leave per child. 
If you have the opportunity to take it, take it. Some countries are not this progressive.
I get contacted a lot about finding a #job in Sweden so I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you all know what worked for me. 
1. Networking. This can be a dreadful task if you’re not feeling up to it or not sure where to start. Depending on the line of work you are looking for, I would look for events in your field and rock up. If you have a friend that will go with you, take them as your “wing person” and each of you can introduce each other to the person you might want to say hi to. 
2. Be present and leave your digital breadcrumbs. For example, posting relevant content on LinkedIn or writing articles. 
3. Volunteer. As I mentioned in a previous post, volunteering is a great way to make friends but also showing your talent to potential others that might be hiring at their companies. I know quite a few people in my TEDx network that have gotten their jobs through volunteering.
4. Sign up to a mentor ship program like @oppnadorren where you will be paired with a native from the country that could help you break into a new network.
5. Start your own company! That’s what I did and launched a very popular running event which gave me my launchpad to other opportunities.

With a bit of luck and hard work, there are opportunities out there. 
If you have any questions or need some advice, I’m happy to lend some if I can. 
Ps. LinkedIn is my jam so feel free to connect with me there and send a personalised message so I know why you’re reaching out. (Also - personalised messages are good for anyone you’re reaching out to)

#jobsearch #career #jobsinsweden
#spontaneous #roadtrip brought us to #norway 
Earlier this year I signed up to @homeexchangecom when I had a trip to #sanfrancisco and knew it was insanely expensive to stay in. So with home exchange I was able to stay at someone else’s home in exchange for points. Have you seen the movie “The Holiday” with @camerondiaz where they swap homes? It’s like that! 
Check it out if you want to experience the world in an affordable way! 😘
#spontaneous #roadtrip through mid Sweden 🇸🇪 I enjoy the Swedish countryside. It’s so calming.
They say making #friends is hard in Sweden. For me, it’s been the opposite. The best thing I have done is to #volunteer my time @tedxstockholm which has introduced me to incredible people and opportunities. 
I’ve met people from all around the world 🌎 and have had the privilege of working with people actively making a #difference 
This has created friendships for life!

@ryanroxie @gretathunberg @klarna @aziza_sudirman @yannispier @persef0ni @localglimpsestudio
Welcome to another #hiddengem. This is @hogbobruk  Högbo Bruk is a unique combination of nature, activities and cultural history.  There is something for everyone here, big and small. 
You can visit craftsmen who have their businesses open all year round or take a walk in the area and enjoy all the buildings from the mill's heyday. 
This is the #bestplace in Sweden to enjoy some ice cream in my opinion.
#mysweden #greatweather #icecream
Welcome to one of my most favourite beaches in Sweden: Årsunda Strandbad. The sand is soft, the water is warm and the water is the perfect height for families with young kids. 
We found this beach last year during the #heatwave and google mapped and saw a large stretch of water and sand. Love it when you find these hidden gems @arsundastrandbad #beach #mysweden #secrethideaway #hiddengem
Midsummer has officially come to an end (for us) though I’m sure there are some wild parties happening around the country. Night night.
Alright peeps! It’s traditional midsommar/midsummer #naptime see you in a few winks... #holidays #thisisthelife
And we’re up! #midsommar is officially on!