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Love my girls
So....this was a fun place to speak!
She likes my dad jokes
Iyla Marie Weber
5 lb 14 oz
18 3/4”
My heart is yours baby girl...I’m so excited I get to be your daddy. You’re perfect and I love you forever. •

Mallory....you are amazing. I’m so proud of you. Your determination, patience, grit, love, and strength were on full display while you battled last night and you did so great. And it was worth it...look at our little firecracker. She’s just as beautiful as you are. I can’t wait to watch you be the best momma Iyla could ever ask for. I love you.
My family is perfect ❤️
😂😂 Great day working with 11 schools in Pompano Beach, FL!

Wish I traveled with a photographer. I have so many great events I don’t get to share on here. Always grateful when someone from the crowd sends or tags me in a pic they took!
Had a blast keynoting the Wyoming @schoolnutritionassoc conference this afternoon...but the highlight of the trip was @joshbluecomedy doing a show for all the lunch ladies this evening! Freaking hilarious and a super cool dude too!!
That smile
Laughing and learning with everyone at the @schoolnutritionassoc #NLC2018!!!
When you get booked to speak in Long Beach, California....you bring your arm candy aka my beautiful wife! This is awesome!
Happy birthday my love! #hotbabymama