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Exploring India, One city at a time.
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“I will do what queens do, I will rule” 👸

Before you ask me where is this super cool place its @winterfellcafeofficial in Srinagar, Kashmir 💁

It has everything a GOT fan needs including this Iron Throne 💯🗡️👑 I do not have a Gentle heart 😈

#GameofThrones #GOT #NotaGotFan
Good Nails 💅
Good Coffee ☕
Good Conversations 👯

A perfect girls day out.

I am obsessed with my nails from @opi_india


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I mainly Travel for food; sampling street food & local cuisines of places.

I recently visited Hazratbal, one of the largest shrines in Srinagar and that's when I discovered this larger than life Paratha speeding out of the Karhai.

Although I tried a very small portion of it, I found it divinely sinful

It's available outside most of the mosques and shrines in India, have you tried it ever, if yes where and how was it?

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Sitting on strangers doorsteps with charming wooden doors was one my fave things to in Kashmir 😂

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#Kashmir #Srinagar #KashmirDiaries
Throwback to this delicious Chicken steak and Pasta devoured on a laid back afternoon @winterfellcafeofficial in Srinagar.

For all you #Gameofthrones fans:

is one of the first GOT themed cafés in India, this is brainchild of  Kamran and Ummar Nisar who are die hard fans themselves. 
A replica iron throne intimidating patrons and a John Snow portrait on the wall is sure to keep any GOT fan hooked. They also boast a small library of GOT books and other classics to keep the trendy book worm happy.

Along with some music performances and creative events/ screenings on regular basis which is generally swarmed by GOT fans. 
Have you visited this place yet?
When you appreciate how beautiful planet Earth is.

It doesn't matter if #EarthDay was yesterday or today, you celebrate it everyday.

In my happy element at Yousmarg, a beautiful part of Kashmir. Just before it started raining 🙄

Btw did you notice that the sky looks like it's painted 😳
That's what the magic of nature is all about

#TheWickedSoul #TWSinKashmir 
#Kashmir #Yousmarg
Found peace and happiness in the supposed turmoil 😍
Oh Kashmir,
you have surprised me to no limits!

#TheWickedSoul #Shikara #Kashmir
Summer Essentials:
Sorbetto in each hand please 💃🤷 Raspberry and Mango Sorbet from @coppettoartisangelato yes that's what you need right now to make Mumbai's heat bearable.

What's your quickest way to beat the heat?

This trip hosted a lot of firsts of my life.
My first Snowfall,
my first Gondola ride,
my first stay in the woods while it was snowing,
my first shikara ride
And lots more.

Brace yourself as I am gonna spam you with an entire album of pics from the "Switzerland of India", Kashmir

Special thanks to @jktourismofficial
For hosting and making this trip special to #Gulmarg 🤗

#TheWickedSoul #Snowfall
#Kashmir #kashmirtourism
My Jordan moment in Gulmarg 😍

Can you guess the movie? 🤔

#TheWickedSoul #TWSinKashmir
#Gulmarg #Kashmir
Kashmiri Wazwaan!

It's not a meal but an experience of a lifetime.
Served with pride in Kashmiri households to age old restaurants to fine dines in Kashmir, this meal is a work of art.
Serving upto 36 dishes usually made of lamb, it has some inclusions of noteworthy veg options too like Nadru (Lotus stem), Dum aloo and Haak Saag.

Served for one, even two of us (@lifeoutside2by2 and me) couldn't finish this platter. 🙈
Every dish was distinctly flavorful and better than the other.
It's difficult to pick one but if insisted, I'd pick Nadru and Korma.

Have you tried this yet?
Would you dare to finish this on your own?

Special thanks to @ahdooshotel for hosting us, for this special meal, for their 100 years of celebration.  right to left (anti clock wise)
Dhaniwal Korma
Nadru Yakhni
Marchwangan korma
Haak Saag 
Rice topped with Mutton Seekh, Tabak Maaz(Lamb ribs)

#TWSinKashmir #Kashmir
I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. But found the Divine within my heart - Rumi 😇

#TheWickedSoul #TWSinKashmir 
#Kashmir #streetsofkashmir