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Heavy Metal Podcast where the beer is always cold and the music is always heavy. With your hosts Chris and J.

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Recording episode 35. . .
. .
. .
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A gift from @julieannefiu from when she got to meet @judaspriest! -Chris 
#judaspriest #metal
My pick of the week on the podcast this week was Skeletal Remains album Devouring Mortality. Great death metal album! Check these guys out!
So I see all of these musicians from metal bands selling their used strings and I figure I play guitar and have a low-rated podcast... I want in! So here are a set of strings hastily made into a bracelet with a certificate of authenticity and an official generic pick lightly handled by me. Buy now! 😂😂😂
RIP to Jill from Huntress. She was so nice when I met her at a paganfest. 
#huntress #paganfest
RIP Randy Rampage. Listening to Annihilator’s Alice in Hell in remembrance. A masterpiece of thrash metal.
Check out the interview we did with Dave Matrise of @jungle_rot In Episode 29. He talks about their recent tour with @havokbandofficial and tells us all about their brutal new album! Link in bio!
Seeing anthrax
Testament!! 🤘🤘
Napalm death
Hanging out with listeners at slayer
Checking out Slayer, Testament, Anthrax, Napalm Death and Lamb if God today. First having some beers and tailgating.