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Have been very quiet the last couple of weeks. Been busy with work and hospital appointments. I’m trying to stay positive and have my message on my board to keep me going. I wrote an update post on my blog if anyone would like to read it. Hope everyone is having a good day💖
Wish I was back standing here, ready to explore the Highlands, but instead I’m at home in my pyjamas getting ready for work in the morning👎🏻I’ve had a great few days though off with Dougie. We had a great day in Edinburgh yesterday. Wicked was amazing then today we have managed to tidy up some of the garden. Now it’s time to relax and have a well deserved cup of tea and biscuit☕️💖
Date day in Edinburgh👫Used our @nationaltrustforscotland memberships and visited the Georgian House in Charlotte Square then spent a couple of hours wandering around some museums. Now we are going to see WICKED. Have been moaning that I wanted to see it again so we decided last minute to get some cheap tickets! Hope everyone else has had a great day💖
Love having flowers in the house! They really finish a room and make it feel a bit more like summer☀️Carnations are one of my favourites as they remind me of my Granny and Auntie, they had these flowers at there wedding in the 50s🌸Hope everyone has a lovely dayI’ll be here writing my blog all about my camping trip a couple of weeks ago💖
Today is a no make up kind of day🙅🏼‍♀️enjoying a afternoon of drinking tea and watching Netflix before Dougie comes home and we are both off the rest of the week💞 I’m almost at the end of a few series and looking for something to watch? Anyone got any good suggestions. Also looking to sort my hair a little. It’s so thick and hard to handle. Do I got a little shorter(like only a wee bit) so that it’s all the same length or just leave it and get it more textured. Why is hair so difficult!🤷🏼‍♀️
Survived my first ever ghost hunt locked in Edinburgh Vaults overnight. Was a really interesting experience but even more strange was how empty and peaceful the Edinburgh Streets were at 5am👻🙈
Flowers are starting to come out. The first time I’ve actually managed to grow something properly. Funny how something so simple can make you so happy.🍃🌷
PS does anyone know anyways to stop slugs eating the leaves without using repellent?🌺
Wishing I could go back to last Sunday when Inwas on the beautiful Isle Of Skye exploring waterfalls and admiring the views but instead im stuck at work👎🏻
Finally got to visit the lovely Eilean Donan Castle after wanting to go for years. Now after an amazing week off work I only have today left before it’s time to go back. It won’t be long though until we are away adventuring somewhere else. If anyone has any good suggest of places to go in Uk. Let me know👇🏼💞🌿
My first baby. Isn’t he just the cutest😻💞
The Isle of Skye is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Spent the whole day exploring and ticked a couple places of my bucket list🌿❤️
My view for the next two mornings. So peaceful. Can’t wait to fall asleep to the sound of the stream🌿⛺️