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@lifebar_be knows their dishes! This was another amazing breakfast! I’m really happy I found this place! They’ll see my face weekly!
The moment that sunshine hits your face and the water touches your toes. It’s the best feeling in the world 💕 • What is your favourite feeling?
Relaxation vibes. Sometimes I just love listening to the sounds of nature.
I wasn’t going to post this picture because I already posted this cutie! But look at him! 😍 I call him Caesar cause he already took control of my heart, the world is next! Planet of the apes is coming 😮
Another great breakfast @lifebar_be 💕 I can’t get enough of this place! This is were the best bowls are made! If I ever leave Leuven I’d probably come back just for this!
You can take a million pictures, but I can assure you that it’s a lot better when you’re standing there looking out into the distance. It’s a breathtaking moment!
I miss the sunshine, the hot seawater and the beautiful beaches. Now I’m stuck in the freezing days in Belgium! 😓 oh well!
When you visit Thailand you will be confronted with a bunch of tours that involve elephants. PLEASE be smart and never take part of a tour that involves riding an elephant or one that does tricks... These animals are abused, underfed and are unhappy... Their once proud spirits broken! @phuketelephantsanctuary saves these elephants by buying them and giving them a home and a place to spend there days in peace. Save the elephants never encourage the abuse! This is a majestic creature that shouldn’t be used for your entertainment! 😡
Hello Food! 🤤 When in Chiang Mai you have to order Khao Soi! Because this is a definite food bucket list item! I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before! •What is your ultimate favorite dish?
Travel tip: Rent a kayak and go exploring, tourist tours only show you about 20% of what’s out there! Also thrifted this awesome shirt by @samsoesamsoe for like 100 baht!! (€2,50). Points to Thailand!
Another amazing vegan creation! I’m digging these smoothie bowls 😍 I just can’t seem to order anything else nowadays! • What is your go-to food?
This view can’t be described by simple words, it’s an experience that will blow you away! • What was the latest view that blew your mind?