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Owner @ericthurow will help you organize, plan, and execute your debt free journey with support to reach your financial freedom.

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Be sure to know what’s on your credit report. This is a very important step on protecting yourself from identity theft. 
Get your free credit reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion via the web site:

Get your free credit report from Innovis via their web site:
@bevmo_co has reported a data breach on their web site. This data breach had coding implanted onto their checkout page of their web site that recorded customer credit card information. 
BevMo Data Breach, Full press release. ‬
Read:‬ REMINDER: ID Theft Protection from @zanderinsurance is a great purchase to have to insure your privacy.
‪#ALERT: This morning @marriotthotels announced that more than 500-million of its Starwood members may have had their information hacked. The thieve(s) had access to the Starwood network (hotel's parent company) for 4 years.  More details on our web site this afternoon. ‬ ‪#identitytheft | #idtheftprotection | #passwordencryption | #passwordchange‬
This Saturday is the official launching of our web site. We plan to have blog postings, financial tools, podcasts and a new video show via our YouTube channel. Some of the other social media platforms we are on include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Spreaker (podcast), and LinkedIn. 
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Enough smart. Don’t fall for the retail scam on the public normal. Don’t be normal, be you!

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Do you truly know what your current net worth is?  Or do you know how to calculate your net worth? -————————————————— First, let’s define what net worth is. It is the actual measurement of one’s personal wealth (non-business definition). ———————————————- Now to accurately calculate your net worth, follow these five steps:

1. Gather ALL of your personal property that you own (100% paid for). 2. Estimate the actual value of everything you own and total that up. This amount will be known as your total asset value. 
3. Now gather ALL of your liabilities (debts, items you owe money on). 4. Add the total amount of your liabilities. This amount will be known as your total liability. 
5. Finally take the Total Liability and subtract it from your Total Asset Value. 
The end result is your Net Worth.  Now you know how much actual wealth you either have or don’t have.
Welcome to the first annual #worldfinancialplanningday - I have you covered. If you have any questions on where to start, please feel free to get in contact with me and use the tools over on my web site.
Read our latest post about Facebook getting hacked and what steps you should do to protect yourself. 
Today we move 1 step closer to building wealth and be able to give. 
Step 6: Pay off your mortgage. 
Reaching this point in your debt free journey is a major accomplishment in itself. Focusing on no other financial liabilities besides your mortgage may feel fantastic and instills a true financial peace. 
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Last week I covered the steps to take to begin building your wealth towards financial peace. Here’s a quick review and then I’ll go over Step 5. 
Step 1: Establish your Emergency Fund with with $500/$1,000 depending on your annual income. - ✅

Step 2: Pay off all of your debt, except for the mortgage, from smallest to highest. - ✅

Step 3: Finish building your Emergency Fund to at least 10 months of your monthly expenses. - ✅

Step 4: Invest 15% of your income in either a Roth IRA or some Pre-Tax Investment. - ✅

Today is the next step. 
Step 5: Begin investing in your child’s future by establishing a 529 Savings Plan also known as a Educational Savings Account. 
A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings designed to encourage saving for the future educational costs of attending college. 529 Plan is legally known as “Qualified Tuition Plans” and are sponsored by states, state agencies, or educational institutions and are authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Continuing the debt free journey and the progress in building true wealth, here’s the next step. 
Step 4: Invest 15% of your income into a Roth IRA or Pre-Tax Investment Plan. 
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Step 3:  To be completed after step 2 is 100% paid off and you’re debt free besides the mortgage; RESUME BUILDING YOUR EMERGENCY FUND.

That’s right. Once you have completely paid off all of the bills in step 2, it is now time to build your full emergency fund. Begin by taking your normal monthly expenses from a 31-day month and then multiply that amount by 10. You should have at least 10 months of expenses saved for your emergency fund. 
Remember that an emergency fund is for EMERGENCIES ONLY. It is not for dining, vacations, or any other new items to purchase. If you are serious with this, you will benefit knowing you took to the steps necessary to add peace of mind Insurance. 
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