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Have a safe flight back to Indonesia and Thailand! I'm happy to have meet you guys here in Beijing! Hope to see you again in the future!
@diogolmorais Have a safe flight back to Brazil 🇧🇷! I'm going to miss all our great moments in China! Our conversations, being my 同屋 during the school trip,your 跳舞 moves, jokes and the places we've explored! I hope to see you again in the future. Hopefully in Brazil or somewhere else around the world!
圆明园 • Yuanmingyuan
Late birthday party, but had a great time! Thanks guys!
I like this tradition. Spending my birthday in another country! I hope for another year of staying in China and let's see where I'll be spending my birthday next year.
胡同 • Hutong
🍸 #atmosphere #bar #beijing
❤️ #大家好...
Sake night! Shot on iPhone7+
Great day! #china #beijing