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Baby Pumpkin all grown up. I 笙・ク you @mailahcastillo ~ to see the full video ~ link in bio ~ Or below 汨#mommyanddaughter #family #Pumpkin #daughter 汳呆沍コ汳呆沍コ ~ #
#happyvalentinesday 笙・ク鞘擘ク鞘勍ク鞘擘ク条沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ沍コ
#throwback ~ When I was carrying @mailahcastillo. I love you Pumpkin 沁#Maternity #photoshot #photography @californiagirlphotography photo credit: Jada Leach
笙・ク #2018
My Pumpkin 沁 @mailahcastillo 汳呆汳呆汳 #Milestones (1-12 Months)
#throwback ~ My letter from President Barrack Obama ~ This letter gave me Hope and Motivation. I love the Obamas 笙・ク鞘擘ク
5 years ago I debut my single off both my mix-tape (It's me: Cinderella) 2011 and my debut album (Miss Cinderella) 2012 ~ Lil Dime Piece (@toskeyshilavoda ) - Ra Ra (Haters) music video Directed by Mr. Shoutout ~ starring my baby sister Jada &  cousin Aaliyah ~
My Beautiful daughter @mailahcastillo 笙・ク条汳呆沁