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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

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Another show reported on these W9’s. Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend + @remi.lewis , @zandrakaye_ & @iamjosesantiago & the entire team for putting on a dope event. @mastermind_media
Real thugs love The Big UFO. Gracias papo, todos bien. Bendicion.  @therealshampoo_ynvs & @therealnoreaga this made my year man thank you for the confidence. 🙏🙏
Lot of seafood yalla going on out here. @joegenaofilms @therealnoreaga
Thank You to every soul that entered @knittingfactorybk - We book these venues on our own, we don’t wait for hand outs. I believe in you, you believe in me.
FNS RMX Presents: Abduction (The Mixtape) Hosted by UFO Fev 
Song: “Body In The Trunk 18” 
Available on,, YouTube & SoundCloud. 
Live Show - January 9th at Knitting Factory BK 7:30pm showtime! Tix in bio.
I’ve been trying to lead best as I can, she’s got me beat at 4 years old. Proud Dad Gang - Good Dad Gang.
Drop some positive energy if you want to see “Jazzy” vid directed by @itchyhouse @rockdaviscom @kingkyle1500
BBQ in the cut, “Jazzy” video looking crazy y’all! @kingkyle1500 @itchyhouse
Flying Saucer. Jan 9th cop a ticket & pull up - Abduction & B.I.B.L.E available now! “Jazzy” video dropping too. 🛸🛸🛸
The Notorious UFO, BIG UFO or UFO Fev .. 2019 & All my favorite rappers are dead - I might drop this R&B mixtape tonight for the lovers in you because there’s no more MC’s to compete. Keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit!🛸🛸🛸
What ya think - Ready for new heat? @chocolatebrown_ @therealstercity 🛸🛸
To my brothers with daughters, I call it - not saying that our SUNS are less important. Teach the young wombman to recognize suckas who lead them astray & a man who won’t.