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With an infectious smile and euphoric beats, this 20 year old from El Paso, Texas closed #SXSW Lost in Music showcase. @thegr8khalid has been praised for his authenticity by his friends, both those famous and those not, and it was easy to see why. Read the full story on our website.
📷 : @leeann_elizabeth | Lifestyle Editor
The proposed Latin Studies minor has been passed and will be ready for students who want to enter the program in the fall.
📷: @chiefmends | Staff Photographer
Paintball team member, Tristan Stierhoff, running into position during practice at X-factor Paintball Park in San Antonio, Texas. The team has qualified and is preparing to go to nationals. Read more by clicking the link in our bio
📷: Chelsea Yohn | Staff Photographer
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Ericka May, a senior and forward for the #TXST Woman's Basketball team, talks about her life on and off the court.
📷: @victor.rodriguez__ | Staff Photographer
Having just celebrated it's 20th anniversary, the Calaboose African American Museum continues to educate the community about the African American history in the San Marcos area.
📷: Marina Bustillo-Mendoza | Staff Photographer
The Student Supreme Court found Student Government President Connor Clegg not guilty on six articles of impeachment. The hearing was held in the LBJ Teaching Theatre, Feb. 27.
📷: @carrington_tatum | Opinions Editor
When can we #StartWithTheStar and start with the sun? Brace the fog and pick up our new issue
📷: @shayan_faradineh | Managing Editor
Ti’Aira Pitts, senior forward, began her athletic career in middle school and while her interests were varied, it soon became clear basketball would be her sole focus.
📷: Texas State Sports Information
"My favorite thing to do has been like style, I love styling. I started sewing my own stuff, I started like really getting to know vintage and like really that's where I really started to get down to the nitty-gritty of vintage. So now I can take a piece and I can date it back to like its country of origin or like if it was made in a time of war. Every garment has a story and so like I can take it down to the decade, like well you know there is a reason why there was only such like a certain amount of fabric put into this garment because maybe there was scarcity or maybe it’s a certain length because there was war or some regulations and just its like I think that’s really for me that’s the coolest thing that I have developed. Because now I have a passion for it and I have gone and really studied a lot of garments and studied how to preserve them and date them back.”
📷: @constunce | Lifestyle Reporter
Brooklyn Boreing and Ruben Becerra will be the next Student Government president and vice president for the 2018-19 school year.
📷: @jakobryrod | Assistant News Editor
Texas State's police department is currently understaffed by 20 percent. Home to more than 38,000 students, the university currently employs 34 certified peace officers; that is over 1,100 students for every officer.
📷: @tylercadejackson | Multimedia Editor