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In case you missed this video by  @lalasupdos (one of the nicest most sincere ladies in the hair business) here it is again. -Basic Facts About Teasing- 
Teasing is the foundation of any upstyle and a very important step of the outcome of that style. A lot of people have the wrong idea about teasing - they think the more they tease, the more messy the style will be. Actually, if the teasing is done properly, the results are the exact opposite- cleaner Updos, more control over the hair, and long lasting results. ——————————————————
Here are few basic facts about teasing:  1️⃣ Your section should never be wider than your brush - instead of going back and forth from one side to another trying to tease a wide section, choose one the size of your brush width- it will give you an even, clean teasing 
2️⃣ Your sections should never be too thick- thick sections will have the bottom penetrated by the brush and product, while the top of that section will be soft and loose, creating big gaps in between the sections and make it hard to control and blend 
3️⃣ Every section teased should be set in place with hairspray for long lasting results 
4️⃣ The lower the teasing, the lower the volume; higher teasing = higher volume 
5️⃣ Applying tension(when holding) on each section when teasing, will not allow the brush/comb to pull hair from the ends to the roots
6️⃣ Bricklayer pattern teasing = clean, blended results 
7️⃣ Diamond shape teasing at the crown will help you get rid of the bulk on the sides
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Low maintenance is the new black. ❤️❤️❤️ HairColor by @victorval @kuthaus_claremont @oobaliepro
Power outage on Yale Ave... thank you for your patience and understanding 😁
Power to the people.  #forgingbonds @hairbyjuliwaits @schwarzkopfusa @kuthaus_claremont
Check out some behind the scenes of #ThrowinShade video by @thehairnerds @kuthaus_claremont @rockmeupmakeup @lisalovesbalayage @ermaloveshair @emmanuellstyles @hairartproducts @framar @redken @rebeccataylorhair @ckaedingcolor @lizhaven @brizus15 @spaceskum @thekimmster @ricardoalonsobeauty @richardatkuthaus @n.ingramluck @lavishhairbyamelia
Welcome to Throwin Shade #throwinshade Well if you missed it - Here’s a short video.. Big thank you to all the stylist and mua involved!! The countless hours planning this event.  Super impressed by the entire team!!! Y’all are beast mode.  Special thanks to @kuthaus_claremont @kuthaus_glendora @kut_haus stylist for the massive manpower behind the production.  The real stars of the show 👉🏽@richardatkuthaus 👉🏽@constantevolution 👉🏽@tonithehairtiger 👉🏽@haairbycynnthiaa 👉🏽@thekimmster 👉🏽@n.ingramluck 👉🏽@emmanuellstyles 👉🏽@rockmeupmakeup 🚨🚨🚨Big thank you to @redken ❤️ And of course the featured artists 🙏🏽@lizhaven 🙏🏽@lisalovesbalayage 🙏🏽@ckaedingcolor 🙏🏽@rebeccataylorhair  Special thanks to @framar and @hairartproducts for the hook up! Video by @karlaresshair  Can’t forget the 50 (Fifty) models and the 300 stylist in attendance!!! .
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Artists booked .. Sponsors booked.. Looking for North America salons with capacity of 50-150 stylist for demo type / look and learn.  Minimum sqft of 1500 open space.  Tag your salon or salon owner. Or Slide the DM
Fly girl blonde !!!! 😂 Color by @victorval Curls by @ricardoalonsobeauty
Are you ready ?!
Fall in to it.  Hair by @victorval using @oligoprousa  6/1 6/31 shadow root toner 10/32 highlight toner @kuthaus_claremont