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Victory MMA AND Fitness is San Diego's premier facility for boxing, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Fitness. 22,000 sq ft

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Friday night Fights Jr. with coach @amazinbjj !!! .
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Alana regains her title!! 4 tough matches and came out victorious. #FridayNightFights @victorymmasd @kekoaeonalani #repost #victorymmasd #kidsjiujitsu #kidsgrappling #getafterit #nowimpykidshere #winners #selfdefense #selfconfidense #discipline #physicalactivities #victorykids
Thank you for your post!! If you didn’t know, now you know. 
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This is the choke, that @khabib_nurmagomedov turned into a neck crank on Conor. It’s called the “Fulcrum Choke” I use this quite often, it’s devastating and in the choke position it feels like your head will pop off, Conor turned which actually made it worse which changed the CHOKE TO a NECK CRANK. Utilizing a gable grip, sliding the forearm under the chin, then utilizing your opposite arm behind the back and squeeze. The closer your wrist is towards the middle of the scapula, tighter the choke / crank. Knowing my personal strength, if I caught you with it, and turned it into a crank, I could break your neck and cause death. Seriously, it’s a dangerous move. So for those who said they wouldn’t tap, please train with me and let’s see how that works out. W/ @deanlisterbjj #blackbelts #jiujitsu
‼️‼️TOMORROW‼️‼️‼️ .
Attention all members and friends: join us tomorrow @sandiegoharleydavidson  for Victory MMA’s viewing party.  This is a FREE EVENT thanks to our friends over at @sandiegoharleydavidson & @the_tattoo_store.  #UFC229 #victorymmasd
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@nadinebelgium & @yawa.selim are all weighed in & Ready to go tomorrow on @tuffnuff make sure you guys watch them on BNSports & Thank you @jockowillink @classics_malt_shop_sd  for sponsoring  @thetip_stop @victorymmasd & thx @andyburke_bjj @nirit_blocker @tombstonetaylor @badis145 & all their Teammates for helping them for this Fight #wantsumgetsum #BleedTrainKillTogether #500punchestotheface #palafoxstrikingsystems
Excited to see our champ put all her hard work, sweat and tears on display for the world to show she is “tuff n ufff”!!! 💪🏾🙌🏾 #Repost @nadinebelgium with @get_repost
Like I’ve mentioned before, the #fightgame is all about “rolling with the punches”, literally and figuratively! We are now fighting for the 125lb @tuffnuff #WorldTitle 🙌🏽 Nothing changes: we are still the freaking #MainEvent - two #BA titleholders ready to have some fun in the cage 💥 In the words of @alethealater EEESSSGEETTTIIITTT 👊🏽 @tuffnuff #andnew #champchamp #warriorwomen #gopostal
🚨Victory MMA FAM🚨 We will be having a viewing party for UFC 229 at the Harley Davidson Dealership located at 4645 Morena Blvd 92117. Join us for the most EPIC UFC yet THIS SATURDAY starting at 6pm.  This is a FREE EVENT thanks to our friends @sandiegoharleydavidson .

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@sandiegoharleydavidson Is showing UFC 229 FREE and I will have an open house.  Come out for all the fun!!! @the_tattoo_store
Standing behind one of our own James Dixon hungry and eager to get in the octagon and show out for this TITLE FIGHT!!!! #Repost @tuffnuff with @get_repost
Victory MMA & Fitness' James Dixon fights for the lightweight title this Friday night at the Henderson Events Plaza! 
Tickets 🎟️ :
Live on @beinsportsusa :

Sponsored by @athleteadvantagemedicals
Mark your calendars!!🚨🚨🚨 .
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Meet-up/book signing/hanging out. 
Monday, October 1st. 
6:30 pm 
@warwicksbooks La Jolla
See you there. 
Thanks for coming down...
1 week out 👊🏽💀 get ya tickets on 🔥 @mean.manes @ethos_co @tuffnuff @victorymmasd #datsmyangryface #leanmean115
Nothing Tastes Like Victory /
#VictoryMMA #OnlyTheBest #ComeOnIn #DrinkUp
Jocko supplements coming soon to Victory MMA! Including Jocko Mölk Protein powder!
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It’s true. The #jockomölk is delicious. Best protein shake I’ve ever had. #mölk #protein #supplements #fitness #mma #bjj #grappling #jiujitsu #lifting #originlabs #tasteSoGood #jockopodcast
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Coming to Las Vegas from Victory MMA & Fitness, reigning strawweight champion, @nadinebelgium, defends her title and undefeated record on October 5 at Tuff-N-Uff Fight Night Henderson. 
Nadine was born and raised in Belgium and speaks Flemish. 🇧🇪️ She loves funky hair, as you can see, and gets it done by her friend, @mean.manes 👨‍🎤 Tickets at
Live on @beinsports