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Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈
All i see is meal prep profiles so i think my algorithm is jacked up too.  Comment YES so u pop into my feed more plz
I have such amazing, hilarious friends. They all read the 🏠⬇️ last night at the Reading is Cumdumpmental party at @owlbureau and i thank them @drew_droege @thedevengreen @tommylenk @noureen @bertvroyal
Hey @theabbeyweho what’s good? Man up and hold your employees accountable. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention @kylenekristensteele and keep your head up @ezra_ahhh . Shitty that we have to fight against straight pride when this kinda ignorance is still in play within our own ranks. I myself have said some bass-ackwards shit but Transphobia needs to be addressed whenever and wherever we see it. Additionally, i consider the cobblestones at Abbey transphobic also cuz do u fuckin know how hard it is to walk on cobblestones in high heels?
Big 🌈 to @youtube & @danpheysey for bringing the best of the breast to the party. (I see you pretty girl @thegigigoode )
Shoutout to my pumper @skincarewhiz and set your DVR for all the wiggotry on @hbo June 18th for the @digitalperm doc on Wigstock called WIG. #mygenderiswig #wigmovie 🖖 @lobelinepr
@racechaserpod delves elbow deep into s11 finale with @theonlyalaska5000 & i. Listen wherever podcasts are podded
Drag Con wrap up video emphasis on con. Link in bio https://youtu.be/jW750kgTHNw @djpastabody @mattpalmerofficial
There are 7 eyeballs in this picture. Can u spot em? 🤩 @ladygaga 🌈🖖 @wanaynay
Do u like words AND people? If so, come on down (but RSVP 1st nightowl@chandeliercreative.com) and listen to @drew_droege @noureen @tommylenk @thedevengreen @bertvroyal & i read passages so inappropriate they shoulda never been even written this Thursday evening. @chandeliercreative @owlbureau
#Repost @josh.lamon
Today in #LGBTQ history, Mayor #MarkChambers in Alabama posted this about LGBTQ, liberals and immigrants... “The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it’s bad to say but without killing them out there’s no way to fix it.” We will NOT be killed out. We will not be frightened by your bigotry and racism. This is why we #PRIDE. We are here. We have ALWAYS been here. And we will always be here. 
The mayors voice mail is disconnected but you can always reach him at (205) 544-1799. You can also reach his city hall at (205) 924-9961. Their VM is still in tact. 
Be proud. Be you. You are perfect. Know our history and speak our history. It is the ultimate form of resistance.
Drag Con was a blast. Go see at the link in the bio https://youtu.be/jW750kgTHNw