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Butcher Brothers getting down on some wurst before the gig tonight. Vienna is one of my favorite cities in the world. Let’s gooooooo!
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Bucket list stuff. @lionandsafaripark @wwe
Getting after it in Cape Town today. #wwesouthafrica @wwe
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Squad goals. Thank you @roguefitness for the dopest barbells on Earth! @blackandbravewrestling @crossfit
#daywiththedeadboys was a huge success!
Thank you to @phil_guillot and @jeffgermond at @crossfitnola for being the best hosts. 
Thanks to @progenex and @fitaid for sponsoring the event. 
And lastly thanks to @joshyg27 and all the #deadboys and #deadgirls who came out to #suffertogether! Can’t wait til next time!
Doors are open at #wrestlecon! Stop by and the @blackandbravewrestling booth and pick up that NEW NEW!
Tons of #crossfitjesus stuff including The Last Supper tee (me and all my friends)!
Tag me in all your new pick ups and say hi to @mbrave13 & ol Krotchy!
@blackandbravewrestling kids rocking #18point5 on the way to their final week of our first 2018 class. #suffertogether
#daywiththedeadboys is coming to @crossfitnola (Magazine Street location) Saturday April 7 at 2pm! DO NOT miss out on this chance to learn from the best ( @joshyg27 ) and get in a workout with yours truly!
This session is for #deadboys and #deadgirls of all fitness levels. If you’re in town and wanna work off some of that Bourbon Street grime...and just have a good time talking about wrestling and fitness for a couple hours then DON’T MISS OUT. 
Link in the story highlight on my page!
Every “bingo hall” I’ve ever performed in has lead me to where I’m at right now. •••
Every fan of Tyler Black has made Seth Rollins who he is today.
I owe @mikethemiz a debt of gratitude for reminding me that where I’m going is only because of where I’ve been. •••
@wwe #grandslamrollins #wrestlemania