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Really had an incredible time hanging with these fine people tonight at the inaugural “Day with the #Deadboys” presented by @blackandbravewrestling!
Huge shout out to @bnkrcrossfit for being our home for the night. And to all of our sponsors! @reebok @fitaid @progenex @violentgentlemen @romwod all came together to make this a success! And from one Deadboy to another, big thanks to @joshyg27 for running the ship! Can’t wait for the next one.
THE LAST WORKOUT IS HERE!!! Doing this tonight at the @blackandbravewrestling Fitness Summit! Kinda pumped about it.
@teamsoul and the #DeadBoys present the FINAL workout of the Holiday Open
⠀ “The Mandible Claw”
30 Deadlift (115/80) 
100 Double Unders 
20 Hang Power Clean (115/80) 
45/35 Assault Air Bike Calories 
10 Push Press (115/80) 
ME Ring Muscle Up
⠀ *Score is Number of Ring Muscle Ups completed
#teamSOUL #DeadBoys #WWE #HolidayOpen
Available now at we just dropped these two new pieces I’m pretty stoked about.
The “Crossfit Jesus” design was actually a surprise shirt from @mbrave13, but it cracks me up so get it while it’s hot!
The Dead Boys shirt is an ode to my trainer, coach, and friend @joshyg27! AND this shirt will be available FOR FREE to all those attending the @blackandbravewrestling Fitness Summit this Friday at @bnkrcrossfit in Houston. We have a few spots left for that so don’t miss out! Link is in @joshyg27 ‘s bio.
#HOLIDAYOPEN workout 5 (AND 6) is liiiiive!!! 😬😬
Dead Boys and @TeamSoul Presents
For Time
50 Toes To Bar
20 Bar Muscle Ups 
150ft Lunges
⠀ *Knee must touch floor
*Hip Extension is mandatory at top of lunge
*5:00 Cap
1RM Snatch + 3 OHS in 8:00
⠀ *Starts at 5:00 mark
For the scaled version  and more information on the workouts, submitting scores and registration visit
#DeadBoys #BlackAndBraveWrestling #teamSOUL #teamPRGNX
#ad Compex 2.0 is here!  TENS for Pain Relief has been added to all devices! TENS has been a therapeutic staple in physical therapy and chronic pain clinics for decades @CompexUSA #Compex #MuscleStim
Do you want to train like the #Deadboys?!? Are you headed to Houston for Survivor Series?!? Then join us @bnkrcrossfit for the @blackandbravewrestling fitness summit. I will go over how to get/stay in shape for ANY fitness goal including becoming a pro wrestler. Plus you can witness the final event (in person) of the Holiday Open. @wwerollins and I are excited for you to join us in Houston. Sign up by clicking the link in the bio. #BlackandBraveArmy #Progenex #Reebok
Myself and @kalistowwe after the third week of the #holidayopen! I’m having a really good time with this comp. We’ve already raised a nice little chunk of change for @americares, but let’s keep pushing! •••
Head over to and search for the Dead Boys or Holiday Open and sign up!
Jump in on the last few workouts and help a good cause. AND if you’re in Houston for Survivor Series you can do the final event with me, @joshyg27 and some special guests at @bnkrcrossfit if you sign up for the @blackandbravewrestling Fitness Summit! (link also on and in @joshyg27 bio)
#HOLIDAYOPEN WORKOUT 3!! This one is gonna hurt! I encourage everyone to try handstand push-ups before moving on the scales version!
x4 Ladder of HSPU 
12 DB Hang Squat Clean (50/35)
⠀ - HSPU must be from flat, full ROM, no abmat
-Cleans may be caught in power and ridden down to squat -Increase reps by 4, each round R1 4, R2 8, R3 12, etc
For the scaled version and movement standards, please visit the website!
#teamSOUL #WWE #HolidayOpen #JackHammer
Power snatch + hang snatch @205#. Thanks @trainsbsc for the time and space today! @wwe @compexusa @progenex @reebok @cwristwraps @blackandbravewrestling @joshyg27
Workout 2 is liiiiive!!!!
@blackandbravewrestling, The Dead Boys and @TeamSoul Present
3RM Back Squat
2RM Hang Squat Clean
*Catching in Power and riding down into Squat is acceptable in Squat Clean
1RM Jerk
⠀ *12:00 cap
*Perform in any order
*1 Bar
*Squat/Jerk comes off rack
*Score is entire total
⠀ +
⠀ ""Grace""
30 Power Clean and Jerk for time (135/95)
⠀ *Begins at the 12:00 mark
*Same bar from Total
For the scaled version  and more information on the workouts, submitting scores and registration visit
#DeadBoys #BlackAndBraveWrestling #teamSOUL #teamPRGNX #holidayopen
“Sweet Chin Music”
27-21-15-9 rep rounds for time: Wall balls, calorie row, burpees over rower
I’ve lost my smile just thinking about this workout. Going live on here later today when I give it a shot. Can’t wait to see how everyone does! #holidayopen
Welcoming my old friend, mentor and protector Joey Mercury to the @blackandbravewrestling family
J is back in the wrestling game and has some pretty sick merch under his @heelturnbrand line! •••
We are proud to have Joey on board! Head over to to pick up the Heel Turn shirts!