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Dance floors, DJs, music, circuit parties & having a good time. #WeHoParty is my hobby. I love music, radio and dancing.

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Real World Problems 😂 🤣
This weekend is going to be off the hook in DC 💥! I see Purple Wigs in the near future 😀❤️! ⠀
Jan 18th. La Fantasy Pres. #SEXSHOP 10pm-7am at L8 Lounge. DJs Joe Pacheco, Alex Acosta & Delvis X Gonzalez. 🎶🎶⠀
Jan 19th. DistrktC Pres. Masters, Boys & Pigs at The DC Eagle with DJ Barney Philly & Tony Moran 🎶🎶
Aging gracefully 😃 #agechallenge
SU Lost 😞 Time for #comfortfood #xotaco
Go Orange 🍊 🏀
Guess what I’m doing tonight! @subasketballstars 😁 🍊 🏀
Don’t worry kids! The window is open and it’s Syracuse in January. 😂 ❄️ #Mom vs. #Dad
Gift from mom, dog tags I will actually wear ❤️ 🤗 😊
My first fortune cookie in 2019, and I like it! #myluckyfortune 😁
Off to the Vet for a much needed nail trim. She’s ready, until we get there. 😂