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So endure patiently, with beautiful patience 🦋 Quran 70:5


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Designed mini living room seating areas at a store today. 🥰 Loved how the colors popped in the first one and the subtle-ness of the second one! Thinking of future furnishings for home.

What do you think? Which one do you gravitate towards more?

Still on break, just had to share 😁
I’m on Instagram overload. I follow so many amazing grammars that just put out so much wonderful information that my mind literally has too much roaming through it.

So now it’s time for a break. No instagram, no blogging. I have so much information to catch up on and far more to research. Taking a break to re-connect with me, and create clear space.

I’ll come back with a bang though, No worries 👌

Peace & love 🕊
This baby needs your help, click the heart at the bio link.

He has NO cancer in his body and the mom is fighting her for her baby but the system is working against her. He is getting chemo therapy and it’s destroying him. He is no longer able to produce his own red and white blood cells and is receiving blood transfusions to keep him alive from something he should have not received. Help this family any way you can and show your support.

#savehim #donate #helpingothers #charity #protectourchildren #giveback #newyork
Piña Colada Nicecream🥥

3-4 frozen bananas
1/2 cup - 1 cup frozen pineapple
1/4 cup + 1 TBS coconut milk

Process in a food processor until smooth.

Add some toppings like buckwheat groats, strawberries, and hemp seeds

Original recipe from: Chocolate Covered Katie
Trying something new. I don’t paint. Just had the urge to so I did it. Not the best but I went with it and hopefully one day can create better work.

I loved how when painting, if it did not appear how I had planned; I didn’t recognize it as a mistake. Instead I went with the flow rather than against it. In art this is something great for me to be mindful of but in life this is a beautiful lesson.

This is just a reminder to try something new and leave your comfort zone. You may be a natural or you may have to keep practicing, but with effort you will figure it out 👌

By the way, what do you think? 😃 & if you know of any non-toxic paints/material please send recommendations my way, thanks!
With time, change comes.

I have recently looked at my Instagram posts and decided to remove most from my feed and somewhat start new here. I like new things, I am a semi-new person, my ideas and sight have changed and as I moved forward I’d like my page to grow with me.

This is about more than just a page, or a network. It’s a community and one that is growing stronger by the day. It’s creating personal connections on new levels and finding things that resonate in between.

This is a fresh start. While I have taken 10 steps forward I have easily taken 1000 back. It’s time to move past that and continue my steps forward, grow stronger into the person I know I am capable of being.

If you’re a follower of my page, let’s enjoy a new exciting journey together of growth.
Giving this a go! Bought the 100% bamboo rolls of 48 and got a sweet discount so only paid $42 + free shipping. That’s less than $1 a roll!!! & FREE SHIPPING!! You guys have to get in on this! What’s better? They donate 50% of profits to help build toilets.
This post is not sponsored I just got excited 🙂
This may not be the MOST eco-friendly option but it’s a great option. No trees where harmed. They use bamboo and recycled paper... what’s cooler than that? I understand some will say @whogivesacraptp this is for my earth loving friends 💕

BONUS! - save the paper to wrap gifts with or stuff inside gift bags.
Repost from @ilovemyallah_
There has been so many experiences of this year and to many to name at that. The ones that really stand out to me is my growth in faith and the gradual changes I’ve noticed in my thought processes. I’ve learned to let go and move on from things that hold no meaning to me, to be positive in even the most negative situations, to stop - breathe - think.
Is going to be another year inshallah of many days to see. In these days I hope to strive everyday in leading an eco conscious lifestyle, voting with my dollar, and continuing to gain knowledge in my faith and where my interests take me inshallah 🔹 living day by day and learning as I go.
Let’s find peace within ourselves and in this world
🏔If Allah Can Turn Night into Day Then Surely Allah Can Turn the darkness of your life into happiness and prosperity.