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🕊 Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. - Ar-Ra’d:11

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The Days Of Patience | Spoken Word
🔹YT : Digital Mimbar
Showing my support to small businesses!
🔹I’ll update the list as I find more 🔹
This beauty of words here 😍 @quranquotesdaily
Sharing because I support small businesses 💕 this particular one is hosting a really epic giveaway that you should get in on 😍 #rydergiveaway
Got creative and made mailers out of a Whole Foods paper bag... the box is questionable but was fun 😁 now who wants to test run these things with me?
There has been so many experiences of this year and to many to name at that. The ones that really stand out to me is my growth in faith and the gradual changes I’ve noticed in my thought processes. I’ve learned to let go and move on from things that hold no meaning to me, to be positive in even the most negative situations, to stop - breathe - think.
Is going to be another year inshallah of many days to see. In these days I hope to strive everyday in leading an eco conscious lifestyle, voting with my dollar, and continuing to gain knowledge in my faith and where my interests take me inshallah 🔹 living day by day and learning as I go.
Let’s find peace within ourselves and in this world
🏔If Allah Can Turn Night into Day Then Surely Allah Can Turn the darkness of your life into happiness and prosperity.
Here’s to the new year 🎆
This is when people are keen on making resolutions and trying to follow through with them, & while that’s great don’t let it hold you back if in the next few months you aren’t able to hold on to the resolutions you have made. Every day is the perfect day to be a better person and look towards a goal for yourself. Taking baby steps is the best. Don’t be in a rush for tomorrow because today is where you’re at.
Look at this cuteness 😍😍 thank you @_kahunakai_
Love and recommend her shop 💕very sweet girl that cares about the earth 😁