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{{certified aromatherapist. herbalist. writer. designer. artist. plant whisperer. unschooling mom to 2 boys}} 🌱Wholly Rooted Handcrafted Botanicals💚

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One of my favorite herbs to grow for tea is ... can you guess the plant above? (And more at the blog)
The time of year when the rhubarb is local but the strawberries aren't (and they go so well together you have to buy strawberries anyway). 🍓 🍋
Lilac season!
When I go back through my photos I always find a lot of gates and red barns. .
#wisconsin #redbarns #midwest
Turning green.
Infused oils. Lavender, rose, yarrow, comfrey, calendula. .
#herbalism #infusedoils #salvemaking  #herbalist #homegrowncalendula #homegrownlavender #homegrowncomfrey #groworganic
{grape bud}
If I ever build my own Alice in Wonderland building (yes, it really is and the giant Cheshire Cat is around the corner), I want this wavy funky roofline. 🏁
Over the years I am in wonder of how quickly they grow up and how time flies. As they get older and are interesting and opinionated and engage in discussions about politics and the world and media and people I have realized I like who they are as people and enjoy being with them beyond mom'ing. Being able to sit on the deck talking and playing games and trying to stump each other in trivia and facts (and the ensuing hilarity) is pretty amazing. ❤ these two. I love watching them grow up.
Beginning of limoncello 🍋 ☀️