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Shake, shake, shake.
Neighborhood traffic.
When you live out in the country but just happen to have a Pokestop at the entrance to the dead end road .4 miles away. Perfect excuse to take a sunset walk with my teens.
Orange scarf with my skull and crossbones leggings. Feeling autumnish. 🎃 ☠️🍁🍂
We put up some window lights as the nights come earlier. After a long day of work outside, there was a long afternoon of work inside. A large pot of chili for lunches this week. A large apple crisp from organic CSA apples. Time with teenagers who are amazingly taller this week than last. Snow is on its way tonight. I’m ready. ❄️
Hours of work outside today to lay out the 20x50’ garden bed that will be fenced next spring (we also have unfenced beds). We also put perennial medicinals from pots in the ground for winter. We planted a fruit row outside where the fence will be for blueberries, goji, lingonberries, raspberries and aronia. Wrapped the little fruit trees with deer fence. Started our composting areas as well. Feeling accomplished and a little bit closer to ready for winter. 💪🏼🌿
Straight out of the camera. I called the boys to come look!!!! They yelled “We already saw the sunset!” I said, that was five minutes ago, you have to see it now! Aidan looked and sighed. “Life is now a series of beautiful sunsets.” And then we all stood there staring in awe until it faded. 🧡 #notabadlife #gratitudeandbeauty #goodjobuniverse
Our view from where we sit. 🌅
Fire pit, warm cider, mad libs, hysterical teenagers. My kind of Friday night. 💛
Amazing sky tonight.
Have I mentioned the views (only about 2,300 times)? Standing in the kitchen cooking dinner - with windows all around.  It is so beautiful. 💛🌞
A little hive observation.