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This guy has a solid month of huge medical stuff coming up, and is still, as always, smiling. I’m just hoping we make it through. 😬 I know, we always do, but wowza, every single spring is intense. 
We have been setting up our land for teen heaven with couches, hammocks, animals, trampoline, slackline, basketball, lots of safe food growing, and tree swings. Fun will perhaps make up for the discomfort of him reacting to sunshine, pollen, and warmth. #mastcelldisease #mcas #spoonieteen #teenagersareawesome #thiskidthough #mastcellsarecrayzay #mastcellactivation
This guy has become my shadow. Draper is with me every minute I’m working in the garden, we walk 3-6 miles a day with each other, he follows me from room to room, he goes in the car with me when I run errands, he sits with me outside, he wanders the edge of the woods as I hunt for plants. He lays on the floor next to me while I work. He sniffs the chickens when I’m cleaning things out. We had cats for so long I’d forgotten about the dog bonding. 🐕 #sweetboy #minifarmdog
After a few hours out in the strong wind planting peas, rhubarb, horseradish, and fruit canes, and then hauling furniture around, my hair is crazy. But it made me realize how long it has gotten. And that the top half is very white compared to the bottom half. 
When we saw my sons GI Doc last week, I commented on how she cut all her hair off (and she used to dye it, so she was white with brown tips), and I said I love seeing her gray and she said yes, you too, but you are cheating! Meaning, that the bottom is probably 50% brown, and the top mostly gray. But of course I haven’t dyed my hair in years and years, so that just show how I have naturally transitioned to gray over time. I have had a white streak in my bangs since I was a teen, but the rest came later. I find it interesting that women don’t know what it looks like to just let your hair turn gray. There is often a moment of dying it and then stopping once you are of a certain age. And then cutting it all off because there is this idea older women don’t have long hair. I like gray. I’ve earned it. 😉👵🏼 #51 #croning
We have so much yarrow - our grassy parts are primarily yarrow, self-heal, clover, dandelion, ground ivy, moss, and prairie grass that they mowed (and left other areas to grow, so we could see what it was when 3-5’ tall). The back portion is almost entirely yarrow, dandelion, and moss. 💚
One of the things that I loved about this land is we have field, pine forest, deciduous forest, and the grass is also filled with clover, dandelion, yarrow (SO much yarrow), self heal, mullein and more. It is great exploring as spring growth is starting, to see what we have! 💚
Gavin is loving the new disc golf target. ⛳️ 🥏 I should be planting peas, but am hanging out with dog and teen instead. #familytime #unschoolingteens #finallynotsnowing
This girl is the bossy adventurous one, and tries to catch a ride with me any time I’m changing water or food. They have (at least) a few more weeks before they move outside, & they are getting big! Aidan is allergic to all mammals, their meat, their milk, their dander, and their chickens have been on his wish list for years. He isn’t allergic to eggs, and he loves chickens. I’ve been handling them daily and getting the dog used to them so they will be interactive and friendly when they move outside. 🐓 #chickenwhisperer
Getting everything ready for bees arriving in a few weeks. 🐝 💛
April snow ❄️
My husband loves that we have many projects that need to be built at this house. I don’t mind climbing through a lumber yard hauling wood in a Saturday afternoon with my ♥️. #chickencoop #deerproofveggiegarden #chickentractor #beehivestand #fruitcanemanagement #familyprojects #qualitytime 🛠 🧰 🐓 🐝 🦌🐕🥒
Such intense winds for 2 days now, after the snow. There is a crow couple nesting in one of those trees and I hope the nest is secure as we can’t wait to see crow babies!