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herbalist. aromatherapist. writer. green thumb. artist. mother. unschooling family. ✨Owner@WhollyRooted🌎Executive Director Herbalists Without Borders

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Things to get me through February. 🌸 🌺
Weighing monarda for a tea blend.
Seedling time of year. 🌱💚
Reishi antlers are getting close to harvest!
Planting all the cold stratified seeds into trays. With tweezers. 😅 Have another 3 trays under lights! #growyourown #groworganic #herbalism #herbalist #seedstarting #medicinalherbs #organicgardening #wisconsingardener
I was gifted these gorgeous @manitobah mukluks in January and they are the warmest boots I have ever had. My feet are not even chilly after being out in the snow for long periods of time (when my fingers go numb in thick gloves). I love how they mold and fit my feet without rigid fake foot shapes or arches - I rarely wear shoes and prefer bare feet - and they are perfect. I love the handcrafted details - they are so beautiful! ❤️#manitobahmukluks
I use hydrosols quite a lot. As in many times per week. Tonight, I accidentally poured boiling water over my hand - it immediately had big red wavy ridges (so bizarre) - and chilled hydrosol helped so much. I plan to distill even more of my own hydrosols this summer! 🌿🌲🌼🌹🌺🌱🍊🍋 #herbalist #herbalism #growyourown #groworganic #hydrosol #alembique
There is nothing as good as tea made from homegrown herbs.
Teenagers are awesome. 💞
Lining the whole seed starting area with Mylar blankets for extra reflective light! I’m blinded by the light! 😎🤩🌿🌱🌞 #seedstarting #groworganic #growyourown #herbalist #wisconsingardener
Fluffy belly Comet 💫 🐈
Must not organize by type, must not sort by color. {what goes on in my head whenever anything is just left randomly sitting out by my kids} 😅😂 #virgosun #piscesmoon #notmessy #my13yearoldsortedthemanyway #neatkidswhew