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🌿clinical herbalist+aromatherapist. writer. gardener. mom. unschoolers. moving to acres in the country.✨🌎Executive Director Herbalists Without Borders

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Soon to be our road. Only 4 houses on a dead end rural road, & can’t see any of them from the house (only can see a farm house about 1/2 mile away). Bonus is this will be plowed by the township or county, we only need to plow a not-too-long driveway. 🌿 #movingtothecountry #horsesforneighbors #smalltowntosmallertown #wisconsin #ruraldanecounty #olddeerfieldwi
Enjoying the last few weeks at this home. I have built so much garden here but ... I will have so much room to expand. Harvesting daily to get as much dried and preserved before we leave it behind. 🌿
We always have 50-75 books checked out at a time (and we read fast). The pile this month has a theme. #cannotwaittomove #deerfieldwisconsin #organicbeekeeping #holisticbeekeeping #forestgardening #biointegratedgarden #organicgarden #permaculture #medicinalherbfarm #greenhouse #hoophouse #layeredpermacultureminifarm #deerfieldwi #organicorchard
I’ve had pottery wheel and kiln in storage - can’t wait to move into the new house that has an extra large garage with a workshop space!
We are moving in a month, so I am gathering for seed every time I harvest leaf, flower, or fruit. #seedsaving
The living room in the new house has massive windows and 12’ ceilings - with views literally for miles. I can’t believe we are going to live there - in only 5 weeks!!!!! #ifeelsolucky #wisconsinrollinghills #letthesunshinein #squee
We sold our house in less than a week. 💫 What a relief. While I love the granite island in my current kitchen, I am excited to get into this nice big kitchen - so much counter space and amazing views (and hardwood floors)!
Solidago fireworks 💥 coming soon!
Scutellaria lateriflora. 💚
Spikenard is not an easy plant to start from seed. Months of cold stratification and scarification and a month to germinate plus low germination rate. I’ve had whole packets fail to germinate before. Out of a flat of seeds, here is my one spikenard, 7 months after I started. It may take several years to get a sizable rhizome to harvest. Growing medicinal herbs is often a patience game - many need special care and a lot of time. I have a beautiful spikenard, though. 💚🌿💪🏼#herbalist #spikenard #Araliaracemosa #growyourown
I just got my copy of Home Herbalist Magazine - so happy to be a contributor to this new magazine! It is great to see so many friends also included in this issue. 👏🏼🌿 Visit to find out more about the July/August issue.
Soon to be my new front yard. 💚