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clinical herbalist.🌿
medicinal herb grower.
mom to unschooling teens.
turkey hollow farm. 🐓
🌎Executive Director
Herbalists W/O Borders✊🏼

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Me: I wonder where the cats went...
Turkey prints. 🦃
Aidan made GF/DF cookies today and he and Gavin iced them just as the snow started falling. We have had rain for 2-days now - happy to finally have some flakes, even if only a tiny bit. ❄️
{wishing for snow}
This amazing human is 14!! #happybirthdaytogavin
This kid is turning 14(!!) in a few days, and we have been celebrating a little early. Today he spent 3+ hours putting together the Labo wheel and pedal. Such an ingenious concept. #makersgonnamake #makerteens #nintendolabo
I was not liking printing whole sheets of labels when sometimes I need just a label or two for custom formulas. I found a small black and white only small thermal printer that can do single labels with even a logo. I’ve been playing with it today - it is pretty easy to use. Now I can make single labels without taking forever. 🌿🙌🏼
My patchouli is finally starting to bloom!
Amazing sky.
I volunteer for  Herbalists Without Borders. This week, putting together boxes for California. 🌿✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾🌼 #herbalistswithoutborders #communityherbalism #californiawildfires #californiafires #solidarity #disasterrelief #bethechange
Fresh green boughs and lots of lights. We worked in the cold air and sunshine as neighbors buzzed by on 4-wheelers, waving as they passed, and hunters (farmer family) drove past in big pickup trucks through the fields, orange ablaze. For such a peaceful, quiet day it sure is busy! 😂
I love the 14’ ceilings and the stone around the fireplace in the main room. We bought a big fresh wreath from a neighbor and they just brought it to the house via wheelbarrow! ♥️