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5 July Showcase🔻🔻


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1 more week to my showcase with @currypopmusic ✨ My 2019 merchandise will also be sold on that day (t-shirt + stickers) ☺️ Hope to see you then!
Date: 5th July 2019 (Friday)
Time: 8pm - 9pm
Venue: @room2f
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2wv7UZ3 (link in profile)
昨天的演出 ✨ Thank you @gssexperiencesg for having us!
What are the odds of 2 brothers hiring you as their wedding singer by coincidence?! 😱 Sang for Jake & Phyllis’s wedding last year in March, and today, I’m here for Junwei & Gen’s wedding dinner! 对,就是那么巧!选歌手都选到同个人,不愧是亲兄弟 🤣

Thanks for having us today; @wilsonsings_ on guitar and me on vocals & emcee ✌️
#yokezwedding #sgmusic #sgmusician #sgsinger #sgliveband #sglivemusic #sgweddingsinger #sgweddingliveband
I’ve never felt more at ease with my skin while eating steamboat 😂 Tried out the SOFINA Primavista Ange Long Keep Base and Liquid Foundation recently and the oil-control is no joke 👍 Apparently, SOFINA Primavista Ange is the No.1 selling base makeup brand in Taiwan, featured on shows like《女人我最大》! I usually need to reapply loose powder after I’m out for a few hours, but after using SOFINA’s long keep base and liquid foundation, there wasn’t a need to 😱 I kept checking my skin to see if it was oily (疑神疑鬼有没有) but it wasn’t 🤣

You can get the Long Keep Base and Liquid Foundation at Don Don Donki and Welcia-BHG at $17 and $22 respectively~ If you wanna try them out before buying, just head over to https://bit.ly/2ZnSBO9 OR click on the link in my bio to redeem FREE SAMPLES for yourself 😊

@sofina_sg is also giving away a FULL BOTTLE of SOFINA Primavista Ange Long Keep Base to 30 most creative winners! How to win:
1. Follow @sofina_sg
2. Post a photo on your IG to show why you need to win the product
3. Hashtag #IneedPrimavistaAngeLKB and tag @sofina_sg in your post

Contest ends on 14 July. Lets go!!! 💪

#SOFINAPrimavistaAngeSG #PrimavistaAngeLKB #PrimavistaAnge #sp
[LINK IN BIO] Yay its up!! Did an Eng/Chi “A Whole New World” with @marcusleejunwei this time ✨ Watch the full video on @jumbletune’s YouTube channel 😊 Congratulations on your launch & thank you for providing a platform for musicians to shine 🙌

Music Production | @nghaosheng 
Filming | @cweijieeee @the.dan.cam
Video Editing | @cweijieeee
Makeup and styling | @fel_k
Digital Piano | @casiosg
Hair | @aoyama.hair.studio
📷 @cweijieeee

#awholenewworld #aladdin #princessjasmine #abu #princeali #yokezofficial #marcusleejunwei #jumbletune #翻唱 #阿拉丁 #阿拉丁神灯 #新的世界 #张碧晨
I guess its not difficult to guess the song 🤪 New cover tomorrow 8pm!!
来点 #简单爱 ❤️
Hair | @aoyama.hair.studio
Skincare | @besolutionsg
Makeup & hairstyling | @fel_k
Digital Piano | @casiosg #GP300
Videographer | @nghaosheng
Congratulations @jokjokmor on your opening 👏 Jok Jok Mor (meaning "Porridge in a Pot" in Thai) offers authentic Thai porridge - we tried the Tom Yum ($13.90) & Mak Kum porridge ($8.90), as well as a few sides 😋

My personal favourite is the tom yum porridge; the sourness & spiciness makes it very appetizing and I love the texture of the porridge 😍

I highly recommend you order the Thai Oishi Green Tea ($2.90); its refreshing (and has no sugar yay) and balances the strong flavours of the dishes perfectly 👍

Quote “YokezOfficial” or show them this post for 5% off your total bill (valid till 15 Jul 2019) ✨

#ThaiFood #ThaiPorridge #ThaiFoodies #ThaiFoodLovers #jokjokmor
Another milestone achieved before I turn 25 😭 First time singing for a drama!! 到现在还感觉是个梦!Catch《我的盖世英雄》 every Friday & Saturday at www.iqiyi.com 💕

谢谢 GhostWRiTΞR & 宋艳妘 把那么好听的歌给我唱,还有 #大石音乐版权 ✨ 每周五周六,记得去 iqiyi.com 追看 #我的盖世英雄 😊 #你有没搞懂
I really love this look 😍 Thanks @fel_k for doing my makeup and hair for my song cover shoot today!! I feel like a princess 👸 Hair colour by @aoyama.hair.studio ❤️ P.S. Guess the song I’m singing? 😉 #sghair #sghairsalon #aoyamahairstudio
Wedding lunch gig last week ✨
🎤Jeremy - Vocals
🎸Sky - Guitar
🎤🎹 Me - Vocals & Keyboard
Thanks for having us ☺️
#yokezwedding #sgsinger #sgmusician #sgmusic #sgliveband #sglivemusic #sgweddingsinger #sgweddingliveband
Hello all! I will be releasing fan t-shirts soon 👕 If you are interested in getting it, please click on the link in my profile to pre-register; you will be notified once they are ready for purchase :)
Link in Profile 👉