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[BREAKING NEWS (to myself)] Yokez. Esplanade. YOKEZ IS GONNA HOLD A SHOWCASE AT ESPLANADE!! *squeals* 🙀😻 Having a stage of my own in Singapore’s renowned Esplanade used to be an unattainable dream. Me five years ago would have laughed and told myself to “dream on”. Now, this dream has become reality ✨ This coming 30 November, I hope to share my stories with you. Together with @isaacyongmusic, we invite you to see the world through our eyes, our songs. Tickets now available on Sistic (link in profile)!
在新加坡知名的Esplanade拥有自己的舞台,曾经是遥不可及的梦。不过现在,我可以骄傲的说:没有什么是不可能的 💪 11月30日,Isaac和我邀请你进入「我们的视角」,通过我们的原创歌曲探索这这千变万化的世界 🌇 音乐会门票已在Sistic开卖 (link in profile),希望到时候能够见到大家 ❤️
With the @sgswfest finalists at @yes933 just now~ Thanks for having us!! Swipe right for some nonsense blabbering 😂
Tickets for the Grand Finals are available on Sistic (more info on @sgswfest)- hope to see you on 29 Sept!! It’s my birthday!! 来来!! 😛🎉
Harlow peeps! I’ll be on air at 7PM tonight on @yes933 with the @sgswfest finalists! We’ll be sharing more about our originals and our preparation progress for the finals next Saturday 🎵 There will also be a FB live concurrently on SGSW’s page~ See you online!! 😉
This is me calling out for inspiration to come to me 💬 Spent the whole of yesterday and today researching and thinking of suitable lyrics for my song; its so difficult!! ☠️ #nomorebrainjuice #我可以的 #加油
The wedding season is here again 💍💋 Gonna get real busy with wedding gigs soon but I still have a few weekends free; feel free to double check with me! Meanwhile, here’s my schedule for the week:
Mon 8 - 10.45PM | @starkermusic
Tue 7.15 - 10.15PM | Starker JEM
Wed 7.30 10.30PM | @wheelersestate (final week here!)
Thu ~7PM | @yes933 (will be there with the @sgswfest finalists to share more about our originals)
Wedding dinner gig with meimei yesterday ❤️ Swipe right for CUTENESS OVERLOAD 😍 #ilovemyjob #musicaltouchlivemusic #sgsinger #sgmusician #sgliveband #sgweddingliveband #yokezwedding
Eyelashes on fleek! Thank you @kbeautylash ❤️
Thankful for the support shown towards《想爱你》over the past week ❤️ Being featured on playlists like 流行音樂榜, 新歌快遞, 女力爆發, sharing the space with my idols Jay Chou, G.E.M., 李榮浩,S.H.E etc. 真的是太太太榮幸了!!🙏 Keep streaming guys!!!
@spotifyasia @spotify @crossratio @jairusstudio #想愛你
上周的表演來個recap!Thanks @casiosg for having me 🙆‍♀️ #戴佩妮 #我要的愛
@sgswfest Masterclass Day 2! 易家杨老师 (he penned the lyrics for songs like 记得 / 黑夜问白天 / 风筝 etc 😱) was here today to give us valuable insights into lyrics writing! 真的是收获满满 🙏
Thank you SG:SW for such a great opportunity to learn from the teachers over the past 2 days!
#SGSW #SGSW2018 #我写我的歌 #iwritethesongs
@sgswfest 大师班 today!! We received valuable tips from @lee_weisong 老師 on how to improve our works~ Hope to present a better《期待》on the Grand Finals on 29 September!! Tickets are now on sale at Sistic, hope to see you then 💪💪 #SGSW #SGSW2018 #我写我的歌 #iwritethesongs
Watched the MV and didn’t understand the ending? Thats because... watch this BTS video to find out why! Full video on YouTube (link in profile) ❤️
#想爱你 #想愛你 #原创 #yokez #叶玉棂