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30 Nov 音乐会门票🎫


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Today’s an auspicious date 18/11 which calls for two wedding gigs in a day 👰🤵 Both gigs with @musicaltouchlivemusic and with @jaydenchew 😉 Working with Jayden = lots of nonsense + eye-rolls + laughter 😝

2-piece band for the lunch gig (me on vox + keys, Jayden on vox + emcee), and 3-piece band for the evening gig (Jayden and I on vox + emcee & 钢琴王子 @alvinkyc on keys) 🎵 对了,晚宴的新娘好可爱,有看我的YouTube covers 然后有点给我唱!I also managed to learn a new Korean song and Japanese song for the couple who likes them! 💪 过了充实的一天,现在去休息了 ☺️
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音樂會正式倒數兩周!Exactly 2 weeks to the show ✨ Done filming our original song written specially for the inmusic showcase on 30th November! This is the first time @isaacyongmusic and I have come together to write a song (despite having been gig partners for 2 years hahaha), and it has been an interesting process incorporating our individual styles into the song 🌾 Please look forward to the snippet video, coming out very soon! To hear the full song, come for our showcase on 30th November, 8PM!! Ticketing link in my profile 😊 #我们的世角
📷 @jeanseizure
好久好久沒發新作品在YouTube了。。其實我已經錄製了兩首新單曲,兩首翻唱+MV,還有最近發行的《不再哭泣》MV也在剪接當中 😉 明天也會為另一首歌錄影 🎬 最近也在努力籌備來臨11月30日在 @esplanadesingapore 舉辦的的音樂會,忙忙忙 💪 P.S. 還沒買票的朋友記得買票喔!Remember to purchase tickets to my show with @isaacyongmusic if you haven’t (link in my profile) ☺️ 不過!!! 忙對我來說是好事!真的很感謝大家的支持~
I often receive questions on whether I sing for weddings/events/birthdays - yes I do! I’m already booked for some dates in 2019; if you wish to have me at your event, please place your bookings early 🎤
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This is my face after extracting my wisdom tooth on Monday 😟 But all is well, I am feeling much better now 😌 Still can’t open my mouth fully but at least I can talk normally! Hehehe can’t wait to get back to work and sing!! Oops am I a workaholic? 😂
Happy to be invited by @audiotechnicasea as a guest speaker for the Craft Beer x Turntable event this Saturday, 17 Nov from 2-6PM ☺️ My time slot is 3.30 - 4.30PM, where I will be doing a presentation on my music journey, how I started making videos, embarking on the production of my debut EP etc. 🎬 I will also be singing a few songs after that 🎤
Admission is free but it is limited to 50 pax and you have to RSVP! Please head over to @audiotechnicasea’s FB page to register, or go to this link: bit.ly/AT1925 🎉 See you on Saturday!
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It’s been a busy November with events & weddings but seeing the smiles from everyone makes it worthwhile ❤️ Thank you for having me ☺️
P.S. I am open for weddings/events booking for 2019! Do book your slots early because I have already been booked on some dates 😆
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昨天拔了牙,收到了很多關心和祝賀(呵呵呵都祝賀我解脫了😆),心裡暖滋滋的!Not sure whether it’s the effect of the painkiller or what, but I was extra emotional yesterday and I even cried while live-streaming on @bigoliveapp (follow me!! ID: Yokez) HAHA 😂 But thank you all for accompanying me and comforting me throughout the stream 🙆‍♀️
👗 Uptown lace dress from @keepsakethelabel
👠 Pumps from @elisalitz
📷 Photo by @niwdehot
Finally plucked my 3rd wisdom tooth (why am I so suay, why do I have so much “wisdom”) 🎉 I was hurting so much the past 2 weeks, turns out the tooth was decaying 😂 Taking a break from singing this week, before I continue my preparations for my upcoming originals showcase at @esplanadesingapore on 30th November 💪 Who’s coming?? Ticketing link in my profile 😉
👗 @elliatt | 📷 @fel_k
I CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW 🙏 這幾天智齒弄得我生不如死。。明天終於要拔掉了🎉 有看過要拔牙還那麼開心的人嗎 😂
晚安 🌙
I have been using @audiotechnicasea’s microphone ever since I started my music journey 3 years ago; fast forward 3 years later, I’m honoured to be one of their endorsed artistes under the Artist Elite Programme! Cheers to more music-making 🎉 And thank you for the #AT4040 Mic 😊 #audiotechnica
Have a good day all ☀️