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Here’s a snippet of《那么刚好》, a composition by @zer0718 which won her the 2nd prize at @tdcmxxcz 2 days ago!! Thanks zer meimei for inviting me to duet this with you 😘 Hope this sweet song will usher you into a sweet weekend ahead ❤️ Audio recorded using @creativelabs #soundblasterk3 ✨
Fun shoot today for my new single ✨ Thanks guys for your hard work, can’t wait to see the end product!! 💪
Cut + bleach + dye + treatment at @aoyama.hair.studio 💇‍♀️ Thanks @haruka_hairstylist and team for transforming my hair just in time for another shoot tomorrow! ❤️ Keep on swiping right to see the scary “before” hahaha 🙊
#aoyamahairstudio #sghair #sghairsalon #sghairstylist
花是我叫他買的 科科 🙊
YESH 1st runner up for @tdcmxxcz!!! @zer0718 meimei 好棒棒!姐姐没有白白 sub out 我的 gig 😂 Okay la but actually no matter what I’ll still sub out to perform with you de 😉 Anw thanks all for coming to support us (n tnx 🍈 for the flowers keke)!! 👏 很累不過好開心的一天 ☺️ 上個禮拜生病到現在,手機掉進湯里(是的)壞掉,spare phone 也是有問題的 screen unresponsive,今天終於有值得高興的事了 😂
For once I can actually wear my sweater outdoors in Singapore without feeling warm 😱 First time wearing long sleeved for a wedding gig and I think I should do that more often (because ballrooms are forever so cold) ✨ Congratulations to the lovely couple and thanks for having us! Swipe right for a snippet of my performance (Michelle on keys, Keith on bass) 😉
P.S. Will be playing at @shufflebistrobar tonight, 8-11.15PM 🎤 Drop by if you are free!
#shufflebistrobar #grandhyatt #weddingsinger #yokezwedding #weddinglivebandsg #sggig #sgsinger #sgliveband
TGIF!! Act cool VS act cute which one do you prefer? 😉 #throwback to my shoot for a special video!! By the way, catch @yokeznzer (a.k.a @zer0718 and I) tonight at @whiskandpaddlesg 🎤 不见不散~ #whiskandpaddlesg #yokeznzer #yokezofficial #zer0718
Swipe right to catch a snippet of my sot phone while I was streaming on @beliveasia 😂 Have been having problems picking up calls and recording videos these few days 😵 Time to bring my phone for servicing..
New cover up! Covered @jj_lin’s 《那些你很冒险的梦》this time round, check out the full cover on my channel 😊 Link in bio ✨
👉 youtube.com/YokezOfficial
Hello Tuesday 👋
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Want to watch a concert? Available in your neighborhood at @starkerq thanks to our funny audience!! 😆 Mondays 8-10.45PM with @isaacyongmusic and I ✨
#starkerq #yokezofficial #isaacyongmusic
Officially the 2nd week of 2018 ✨ As usual, live music from @isaacyongmusic and I at @starkerq (Punggol) on Mondays to chase your Monday blues away 🌬 See you tonight from 8-10.45PM! 🎤