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I’ve got a plan and they’re waiting to see it unravel.


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Damn I can’t believe this is really happening. If you’re not going to the Trey Songz concert on Friday. Come check me and a few other musicians out at The Moore Theatre. The show is gonna be dope af. You can buy your tickets through my website. Link is in the bio my friends.
La Familia👆🏾
Just a normal Saturday with me and the dawg🤷🏾‍♂️. @anderson._paak @johnmayer @chancetherapper @tydollasign @sza @bambambaklava 
Video is up now. Link in bio!
Thank you @trantergrey for making our crazy ideas come to life. New Metro Sessions tomorrow!#seattlemusicscene#themetrosessions#progressnotperfection
Wassup y’all!! I hope you’re having an awesome week. Just wanted to let you know about an amazing show that I’m gonna be part of called More Music@The Moore. Go ahead and buy your tickets using the link in the bio! Thanks peeps y’all are the greatest👍🏾
Blessing y’all with some late night tunes. Everyone please make sure to have an awesome week!#seattlemusicscene#latenightvibes#skylarcafe
It’s out now people!! Link is in the bio!! Share it with your friends and family!! Also don’t pay attention to the overuse of exclamation points!!#themetrosessions#macmiller#music#seattlemusicscene#opener
So it begins this Friday. Stay tuned my friends😏!
Shiiiiit I think we next up on my momma😂. Congratulations to everyone who made the sound off finals, especially my dawg @alexcade_ . Everyone come support this awesome community of artists this Saturday. I promise it’ll be worth your while😉
In 2016, the odds of me playing at RockFore Dough were slim to none. Now it’s 2019 and I’m glad to say that I’ll be performing April 9th for its 15th Anniversary!!#rockforedough#howyoulikethemapples